I found these mini baseball pennants last week at Dick's Sporting Goods for $14.99.  
There are 30 of them, one for every Major League Baseball team.  You can also get them here
I have been feeling like my boys' room was lacking some personality. Since our playroom is located 
on the third floor of our home, they really don't keep many toys in their room.  Therefore, not much 
time is spent there, other than sleeping.  However, I still want it to be a fun room infused with some 
of their personality.  They are both huge baseball fans so when I found these mini pennants, I knew 
they would be perfect in their room.  I strung some twine up and used clothes pins to attach the pennants. 

The boys were so excited when I called them upstairs to see the new addition to their room. 

They have been having a blast trying to learn all the teams.  

My seven year old is having much better luck, since he knows how to read. 

In addition to adding the pennants, I also decided to give this boring old dresser a coat of paint.  
The style of the dresser is not my favorite, but it is very sturdy and we actually bought it for the nursery when we were expecting our first baby. So it has some sentimental value.  

Here it is with one coat of paint on the drawers (after a light sanding).  
The base of the dresser has two coats and some glaze on it.  
The lighting is very bad, sorry, I had a bright lamp in the room while I was painting. 

Here it is all finished. 

I am really happy with the way it turned out.  
I slightly distressed it after two coats of paint a coat of dark glaze.  

I bought these fun knobs at Hobby Lobby.   

I'm only showing you 3/4 of the dresser because when I went to get the knobs, I was counting severn drawers in my head, so I bought seven knobs.  Hello, four of the drawers needed two knobs for each drawer, that makes a total of ten.  Math was never my strongest subject!  
I haven't yet made a trip back to Hobby Lobby for the last three.  

 Later this week, I'll show you my next victim piece of furniture that is being made over. 
It will soon be making its way to the master bedroom. 

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  1. Love the pennants and the dresser came out awesome!!! I definitely love the look of blue furniture in a boys room.

  2. That's a great looking dresser and I love the detail on the knobs! Pennants add color, interest to the room and they are fun.

  3. I LOVE IT!!! That is the perfect color blue!!! And I do that ALL the TIME with knobs!!! Cant wait to see the next one!

  4. I love it, Andrea. When I was first looking at this room I was going to suggest to paint the piece between the beds red for a cute pop of color and then you showed this chest. Too too cute!! Love the added pennants.

  5. This looks great! The perfect amount of distressing and what a great blue! I love the depth that it adds. Awesome job!

  6. The pennants definitely give the room an extra pop! Very cute! Love the dresser makeover too!
    Thanks also for e-mailing me the information about your dummy panel curtain rods. Hopefully we can try to make some soon!
    Wendy (Designed to Dwell)

  7. Love the pennants on the wall. How fun!
    Great job on the dresser. I would love to tackle that project someday!

  8. the dresser turned out beautifully! Great job!

  9. The pennants are so cute and I love the dresser too! I love seeing inspiration for kids rooms!

  10. Love the penants and the dresser is awesome! Great job!


  11. How fun the pennants are for the boys! Your dressers looks great and the striped knobs are the perfect touch. I've done the same thing when going to purchase knobs. Cute little gumball machine. I've kept mine since I was a kid....something I haven't wanted to part with.

  12. The banner adds a nice pop to the room and I love the way the chest of drawers turned out. Great job.

  13. the dresser looks fabulous! the knobs are so cute! my son's dressers are a similar blue and i also got a set of knobs at hobby lobby! :)

  14. the whole rooms looks so good! I love the blue painted ceiling and the antique beds. The dresser looks very nice painted blue too

  15. Andrea I just love your boys room and adding those pendents was a fantastic idea!! Love Love the painted dresser! Martina

  16. PS-- I painted a small dresser in my son's room a few months ago in AS Paris Grey, but after seeing the way yours looks I think I might be going a little darker! I love it!

  17. I bet it's so fun having them learn those teams:)

  18. Hey! Love the Dresser! I've been wanting to paint my son's dresser blue! Mi d sharing the paint color and glaze with us! Thanks!

  19. cute room with a cute new dresser! Love the color and the knobs!


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