I seem to have developed this habit of offering my unsolicited advice when it comes to decorating.
I tend to be very blunt and honest (it's a good quality and a bad quality of mine).  Anyway, I do it and I mean no harm and of course, people can take it or leave it.  I normally only offer this unsolicited advice when it comes to enhancing someone's decor, not completely overhauling it.

Take, for instance, when I said to my awesome hair stylist, Becky, "Hey, you know what that wall needs?  It needs to be stenciled."  She replies, "Okay, go for it!" And so I did.  You can see it here.

Recently, I struck again.  I was at a friend/neighbor's house and she has recently re-decorated her dining room, which looks fabulous, by the way.  Another friend of hers, who happens to be a very talented artist, helped her pick colors and fabrics for the makeover.  I was checking out the room and suddenly, out of nowhere, I say, "You know what would look fabulous?  If you painted the backs of those corner cabinets a color".  She ponders it for a moment and replies, "Yes, it would, let's do it!".  I helped her pick a color and she put on her painting clothes.  It turned out marvelous!

Here is the before picture.

Here is the after..
(It was hard to get a picture without the glare)

I love the whole look of the room.  She went from red and gold toile to this soft calm palette. 

While I will probably continue to offer this unsolicited decorating advice, I have learned to never, ever offer my little sister any type of advice unless she asks for it!  She is the best little sis in the whole world, but she would prefer to figure it out on her own and I completely respect that. Lesson learned.   

Anyone else have this annoying  charming habit of offering advice, even when not asked?
Please say yes!  


  1. Hi Andrea!

    I think your advice was well-spoken with the paint in the back of the built-in hutches!

    It adds a nice layer of contrast and depth and sets off the contents of the cupboards.

    It also works nicely to work with the deep woods in the room and brings some of the dark warmth up onto (or into in this case....) the walls!
    Great adbice, Andrea!


  2. You helped her dining room go from "nice" to beautiful! That's the perfect color for her cabinets and her pieces really stand out.

    I open my mouth all the time...take us or leave us! ;-)

  3. I think it looks great. Really adds a little 'pop' of color without over doing it. That dining room as a whole is amazing, especially with all that natural light!

  4. I love your suggestion of the added color and yes, I usually do share my opinion. It is the creative part of us coming out!

  5. Love it! I'm just like that. I have a hard time lying if I don't like something, so I generally offer a suggestion as to how to fix it! The cabinets look great.

  6. I think it looks gorgeous! what a beautiful space and your suggestion was the perfect addition.

  7. Great job! I do have to say I too offer advice! In fact I have recently enlisted myself to help my neighbors pick new trim and siding options... One seems really excited, the other I am still work on!

  8. Definitely something worth trying and it draws attention to all the beautiful items showcased. Looks great. Its been on my list for my dining room cabinet, too!

  9. Adding color to the back of those hutches really makes everything pop, I love it! Yes, I too find myself always offering advice when it come to decorating, I guess it's because we love it so much!! Martina

  10. UGH! I open my mouth way too much! It's not usually about decorating, but more personal things like ethics and life choices. Your type of "opening mouth" is not nearly as serious! (Although I pride myself on being a great decorator... (That may be about the only things I pride myself on)... which is why I get annoyed and sometimes angry when my "friend" offers decorating advice. Oh well, she means well, and I suck it up). :)

    Rock on though!!

  11. Her dining room went from beautiful to REALLY beautiful! I am glad she took your advice. I do open my mouth SOMETIMES, but usually it is solicitated. My friends do ask for my advice:) XO, pinky

  12. You are too funny! I have this gift as well. I just can't seem to keep it to myself for some reason. I think this was a great suggestion. I would just add a big table runner down the center of that table...just kidding, I could not resist:))

  13. Judging from the afters, unsolicited advice from you is like the best gift ever! I have been known to do the same. I think it's a good thing. At least, that's what I'm telling myself, my husband would beg to differ ;D

  14. I used to offer unsolicited advice all the time...until I was on the receiving end...my uncle, a dermatologist, pointed out every flaw on my skin at a family function once....I felt very violated and decided never to do that to anyone's home....unless they ask!! Although I am known to drop a few hints now and again!!


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