Today I finally finished giving "Boring" her makeover.  
Here she is.  Now let's call her "Beautiful".  
Very original, I know.  

 One last look at "Boring".
She was my $45 thrift store find. 

I first gave her a good sanding and then primed her with Kilz.  
After that, I gave her two coats of Benjamin Moore Kilim Beige. 
I also removed the curvy apron from the bottom.  Didn't suit my style. 

After that, a light coat of glaze and little more sanding. 

Since there were twelve knobs on the top two drawers, I decided to keep them.  
I purchased six more handles for the bottom drawers.  
I applied a little Rub 'n Buff to all the hardware. 
Again, love that stuff! 

I originally thought our bedroom needed some color, but I think what it really needed was a few accessories.  Before adding the dresser, it was pretty much void of any accessories.  

I did add a punch of color with the books.  It's just enough for me. 

I picked up this little gem at a flea market this weekend for $1.00.

I added another hint of gold with this frame.  This is my sweet baby boy when he was 18 months.  

The pictures are a few of my favorite baby photos.  
The frames are from K-Mart and I have had them for years.  

Now I just need to fill it up with my clothes.  

What do you think, Boring or Beautiful? 


  1. A beautiful makeover! Love the lines and the color.

  2. Um I'm gonna have to say..... Beautiful, for sure! You have definitely given it new life :)

  3. Beautiful! The dresser looks great and I am glad you removed that bottom piece, very nice. Did you make your headboard or did you buy it?

  4. Not just beautiful... gorgeous! I like the little knobs. I'm glad you kept them.

  5. Beautiful! The color is perfect for your room and looks lovely in there! I love your wall of baby photos....so precious.

  6. I think totally beautiful! Your entire bedroom is beautiful! It's not cluttered and very soothing colors. I adore the baby pictures, as well. Everything just goes together perfectly!

  7. Very nice. I love the handles too!

  8. Beautiful is beautiful! Styled well, too. Great job.

  9. Definitely Beautiful! I'm not usually a fan of gold, but the hardware is gorgeous! Nice work.

  10. LOVE! You are on a roll, girl!!! Bottom looks a million times better!!!

  11. The dresser turned out beautiful! It looks great in your room!


  12. gorgeous! way to take a plain old dresser and make it something special and noteworthy!

  13. Looks wonderful! What a transformation! Do you happen to know if Rub n Buff would work on a sink faucet? It would need to hold up to lots of water splashing and some bathroom cleaning products, so I'm curious if the bottle says anything about that. Thanks!!

  14. Beautiful with a CAPITAL "B"!

    Thanks for the heads up on the Benjamin Moore Kilim Beige color choice too....it's lovely!

    Smiles, from Bunny Jean's Bunny Hop linky party tonight,
    Suzanne in IL

  15. Absolutely beautiful!
    What a transformation, like the way you've centred it against the wall with the framed photographs above.
    Maggie @ Normandy Life

  16. I'm still liking that dresser...just came back by to say thanks for joing my Bunny Hop party!

    I see some of my party girls got here first ;)

    I am now following you, thought I did the first day...

    xoxo BunnyJean @ BunnyJean's Decor and More!

  17. I'm partial to neutrals and this dressers falls perfectly into that category! You did an amazing job fitting this dresser to your style. It fits perfectly in your bedroom corner! Great job!

  18. I love it Andrea! It looks really lovely & the whole corner in your bedroom looks fabulous! Have a wonderful weekend! Angie xo

  19. Beautiful makeover! It looks great in your bedroom.

  20. oh my...she is a true beauty...thanks for sharing her at NTT!!


  21. oak dresser
    It would need to carry up to plenty of water splattering and some restroom washing items, so I'm inquisitive if the container says anything about that. Thanks!!


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