Here is the message on our chalkboard today...

There are exactly 14 more days until school starts. 
Since we are down to the wire, we are trying to squeeze in as much fun 
as we can before all the chaos starts. 

So today, we took a very impromptu trip to the zoo.  
My neighbor watched my kids this morning while I was at a meeting and 
they decided to paint their faces.  For about 1/2 a second, I considered asking them
to wash it off before we left the house.  However, in keeping with the "FUN" theme, I let it go. 
Honestly, they fit right in with all the other wild animals at the zoo!

It has been a fun and adventurous week for all around here. 
My youngest got invited to his very first sleepover.  
He has waited a long time for his turn to go to a sleepover.  
It was just next door, but he didn't even look back when I walked him over. 
Made me a little sad, but then I looked at this picture and saw how happy and excited he was 
and it made me smile.
(Just for the record, this is his "fake" smile.)

My middle child got to go fishing with daddy and he caught this GIANT fish.  
I might have to frame this one and put it in his room.  He was so very proud!

My daughter attended a sewing class for three days this week.  
She made a patchwork pillow and these pajama shorts all by herself.  
I think she might be able to teach me a thing or two.  
(She wasn't too happy about the class being over, hence her sad face) 

Oh yes, and my fun for the week is blog related. I'm so excited that Janell at Isabella and Max Rooms
is featuring my lamp makeover on her amazing blog today.  I think every project she tackles turns out fantastic and I am beyond flattered that she asked to feature one of my projects.  
Be sure to check it out here.  Looks like I am going to need to get my hands on some more Rub n' Buff.

Seems like everyone else is already back to school.  Anyone out there with kids still at home?
 If so, are you trying to cram in as much fun as possible too? 


  1. So cool that your daughter made those! Love all of the pics. Sounds like you guys are making most of your fun days!

  2. It looks like your kids are enjoying their last few days of freedom! I loved those days...are they ready for school? All the supplies, new clothes...that always made mine happy.

    Your kids are darling, love the look on the face of your youngest before the sleepover...very eager to get going! And that is a BIG fish!! Great job!

    Enjoy your last days of summer!!


  3. SO fun! Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and HUGE congrats on Isabell and Max!!!


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