Taking a break from DIY projects and decorating today to share a little lesson I learned this past week.  You see, my nine year old daughter wanted a feather in her hair.  It's all the rage here.  She had asked me several times over the summer and I kind of put it off thinking she would forget about it.  Well, that didn't happen and when school started last week, the inquiries began again.  Although this time, it was more like "everybody has one but me".  This isn't entirely true, as I know of at least one other girl in her class that is featherless. I questioned her about why she wanted something everybody else has.  I encouraged her to be a trend setter, not a trend follower and I even went to far as to make her a headband with feathers on it, thinking she would think it was so "cool".  

After shattering her dreams and telling her that a feather was not in her future, I talked to my husband about it.  I really thought he would be on the same page with me.  When I explained the situation to him, his response was "what's the big deal, aren't they just $10?" 

I then thought to myself, what IS the big deal?  I'm sure there are going to be times when she pleads her case for something that is completely inappropriate and I will definitely have to stand my ground.  But in this case,  a little feather in her hair really ISN'T a big deal.  I decided to give in and let her get the feather.  The look on her face when I told her was worth all the worrying I did about it.  She even asked me what made me change my mind.  I told her I talked to her daddy and we decided that if she really wanted a feather, she would have to do four chores (in addition to her regular two chores) over the weekend to cover the cost of the feather.  She happily obliged and we went Saturday to get the feather. 

Here it is....

I gave her free reign to pick out any feather she wanted.  However, I strongly discouraged the bright yellow and black striped feather and I nudged her in the direction of this smaller less conspicuous one.

I am not a big trend follower now.  However, when I was nine, of course I wanted to wear my hair like my friends and wear the latest fashions.  I can't fault her for being a normal nine year old little girl.  

One other reason I was anti-feather is because she has the most beautiful hair and I didn't think she needed anything added to it to make it special.  One of the many, many times we will disagree, I'm sure. 

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of her (and her hair) through the years.  

I normally wear my hair straight, but lately, my daughter's curls 
have inspired me to go natural. 
This is what my hair looks like without doing much to it. 

Feels so odd taking pictures of yourself in the mirror. 

It's so much easier wearing it this way.  I think I'll follow her trend for a while.  
 (not the feather, the curls!)

One last thing, Lauren from West Furniture Revival featured a few of my projects today from last week's Revival Monday party.  Lauren is an avid thriftier and turns her finds into masterpieces.  Check some of them out here.   Thanks so much, Lauren, for the kind words.


  1. My daughter is in 3rd grade and I've seen the feather trend a lot -- she hasn't asked for one yet but this sort of thing doesn't bother me. I wouldn't even care if she wanted a pink stripe dyed in her hair, lol

    Hair issues are the thing we can give into --the stuff you want her to go against the crowd on will be coming soon enough :(

    We're in the middle of facing a school bully, so admittedly I am freaked out about other stuff right now!

  2. Andrea your daughter is beautiful and her hair is gorgeous! The feathers are the big rage here to, it looks so cute in her hair! Martina

  3. um if my hair looked like yours it would be curly all the time!!!!!

  4. You both have gorgeous hair!
    What a sweetie pie she is. I wish I had those curls. My hair is straight as an arrow. Not even a wave. You are both blessed!

  5. The feathers are everywhere aren't they?! That is going to be one of those trends they look back on and laugh hysterically about- like we do with pics of ourselves rocking the crimped hair and side pony tails. :) I agree it's good to let them win some battles. You both have gorgeous hair!

  6. Awesome! I gave in on something my daughter wanted last week because I had forgotten what my original objection was. Sometimes the dad perspective is a good one :)

  7. Your daughter's hair is beautiful in those pics of her when she is little! You and your daughter have gorgeous curls...just like my sister and her daughter. They got it from my mom, but my hair is straight as can be. I wasn't fortunate to get that natural beautiful curly hair like you! :)

  8. You both have beautiful hair! Love the curls. :) The feather is all the rage here as well and thankfully none of my three girls have asked for one, yet. I'm sure they will once school starts. $10 is very cheap, it's like $30 around here! The age old lesson of pick your battles, right? Ah, the joys of raising children!

  9. You are too funny! I think the feather trend is a little odd too but your right...everyone is doing it! I try to pick my battles and I think you did the right thing here! It almost blends in with her hair (you lucked out!)

  10. Beautiful curls! I have been hoping my 9 year old daughter doesn't ask for a feather...but if she does, I don't think it's a big deal either. I'd rather that than asking to paint a strip of hair hot pink;)

  11. My daughter is now 40 (WHAAAATTTT) and I want to tell you to PICK YOUR BATTLES!!!! There WILL be alot more pressing matters in the future! She looks adorable and who wants to be the WEIRDO who can't have a feather in their hair:):) XO, Pinky

  12. You and your daughter have the prettiest hair I have ever seen! I also have curly hair but not my daughter. The funny thing is I blew out my curls for a long time but once I wore my hair curly to work and a co-worker mentioned that I looked like I really spent a long time on my hair...ha! I had to break it to him that was my running late hair! I think we look best with what God gave us! As far as the feather, I am guilty of the same thing with my 11 year old and now I'm wondering...why am I going to the mat over this when it's a bigger deal is probably coming. By the way I love your blog.

  13. Your daughter's hair is so pretty! Mine looks about like yours without doing anything to it. I just can't style it curly all that well... at least that is how I feel about it. I need someone to come help me a few times, I think. So funny about the feather - my hairdresser was just telling me about them! I had no idea.

  14. Your children are adorable! I love their curls and yours too!

  15. thank you for the shout out! I Just now saw this


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