When we moved into our house, I picked out lighting for just about every room.  
However, when it came to my boys' room, I just couldn't find anything I loved at the time.  
So what did we do?  We stuck one of those "boob" lights in there for the time being.  

Last week, their light wouldn't work.  Okay, really it just needed a new light bulb, 
but I played dumb and used it as an excuse to replace the boring "boob" light.  
I hopped into Lowe's one afternoon and saw this guy (on sale for $31.99). SOLD!

It can be found here.  (for some reason, it is not on sale on-line)

I also picked up a can of red spray paint while I was in there. 
What do you get when you add red spray paint to a plain barn light?  

A fun, custom light that two boys absolutely love!

Our new light looks a bit like this one from Barn Light Electric for $119. 

For less than $35, we gave this room a whole new vibe.

Now just for fun, here is what the room looked like before we bought the house. 
The red barn light probably wouldn't have looked too bad with that lovely carpet. 
You can read more about the carpet here. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  So glad all of our friends on the east coast are safe and sound.
Anyone else need the phone number for Spray Paint Addicts Anonymous?

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  1. Love the light... what a fun accent for the room!

  2. the light is awesome, but i had never seen the before pic of the room- holy MOLY!

  3. Great idea!! Pinning that for my son's room!

  4. Andrea, that is so cute especially red. I still have the old boob light in the guest room.

  5. That is so stinking cute! I wish I could figure out a place to put one in my own home.

  6. Love that light fixture! Definitely fun for a boy's room!!

  7. Super cute! I have a few lights that could use some spray paint!


  8. How flippin fun is that light!!! It does totally change the feel of the room. I want one!

  9. Great light and how in the red! Cute room, Andrea.

  10. So cute in red! Great and inexpensive idea.

  11. Fun fixture for that room; perfect--the industrial lighting is so popular. Love the red!

  12. Love this and how you transformed it...love the red!

  13. Just perfect!! Love the design and the bright red color!


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