The mantle in our living room has been missing something.  I found the missing something over the weekend at Goodwill.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it was coming home with me. The colors are perfect for this room and the price was even more perfect, at whopping $6.00!

This is mantle in its sad depressing state before the vibrant piece of art took over.  

It is an original piece of art which is exactly what I was looking for.  

I even love the rustic frame it came in and if you look closely, 
you can see two tiny crosses on the left side of the painting. 

It helps tie all the warm and cool colors in the room together.  

While I am thoroughly enjoying my $6.00 original art, I am saving my pennies for a piece of art from a friend/neighbor of mine, Glenna Adkins.   She is an extremely talented artist and I can't wait to own one of her masterpieces.  Her amazing work can be seen here.

I am particularly fond of this one.

And this one (I love the idea of adding a piece of abstract art to my fairly traditional living room).

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  1. Andrea that might be the best $6 ever spent! First of all your fireplace is beautiful! Second the colors in that painting really pop in your space - so pretty!

  2. What a beautiful piece & it totally brings the mantle to life its absolutely perfect for the room what a great find & at such a bargain lucky you

  3. That piece is perfect! and for only $6!!! Wow - what a deal. It goes with the colors in the room perfectly and really does make the mantel pop. I also love how you styled the rest of the mantel to go with it.

  4. How perfect for your mantel! It lights up your whole room. Great price, too! I love it!


  5. That painting looks like it was made for your house! The colors are perfect and it gives just the right pop of color for your mantle. Very pretty! $6! What a deal!

  6. oh i love that painting! the price was right and the colors are so vibrant and awesome!

  7. My gosh that is AMAZING...I hate to be jealous but I am! I need something like this for my dining room...have to check out your neighbor.

  8. Wow! You are right, it looks amazing! I love it and it DOES tie the room together. What a great find!!


  9. That is the perfect piece for your room-it was meant to be!


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