So while I was out scooping up the $6.00 artwork on Saturday, I made a quick trip into Hancock's.  It must have been my lucky day because while I was in there, one of the workers was bringing out boxes and boxes of remnants (I love remnants)!  He said they had just received a huge shipment and wanted to get rid of them all for, you guessed it, $4.00 a yard.  My eyes were immediately drawn to this lovely print.  

It's called Latika by Echo.  It is 100% linen and retails for $79/yard.  I bought 7 yards for $28.  I did a search on-line when I got home and found it for anywhere between $79/yard and $29/yard (but not $4/yard).  I love the pattern and the colors.  I know just where it's going to go.  

These are the current curtains in my family room.  Another $4/yard find.  
I still like them, but lately I've been longing for something a little lighter in this room.  
I will keep these curtains and maybe use them in the Fall/Winter and use 
the Latika ones in the Spring/Summer. 

I am going to have the Lakita curtains done with a pinch pleat for a more tailored look.  
Can't wait to hang them up.  

I also found this on etsy.  Makes a pretty pillow, doesn't it?  Since I have 7 yards, I think I'll save a little for a pillow.  Don't want to overdo it, but I think one small pillow will look great.  

So that's why I don' buy expensive fabric.  I change my mind way too often.  Anyone else fickle over fabric (and rugs, and lamps and mirrors)?

There is still time to enter the Olive Leaf Stencil giveaway.  It is open until Friday at 11:59 a.m.


  1. I love that pattern! I had a comforter in that pattern and returned it (at Macys), and I sooo wish I had kept it. It is such a fun pattern.

    I'm very indecisive too! I have lived in my house two years, have redone two bedrooms in that time, and am dying to redo the rest of my house. I just don't have the funds for all of ideas.

  2. Andrea, that if fabulous and what a steal. Can't wait to see them.

  3. I need to shop where you shop! You have a great eye for sure.

  4. Gorgeous fabric choice!

    (Designed to Dwell)

  5. That is SOOOOO gorgeous!! I love all of the colors and the pattern is divine! I would love this kind of fabric in my family room - I've been looking and looking for something for draperies/roman shades. You should have called me - I would have had you buy some extra yardage. ;-)

  6. Love that fabric, Andrea! You are striking gold lately with your finds! Isn't Hancocks where you found that gorgeous magenta colored fabric you used on your chair? Tht was a remnant, too? I need to shop with you!

  7. Love the pattern and what an amazing deal! Looking forward to seeing them finished, but not sure I can wait until spring =)

  8. You were lucky that day!! Another great find! This fabric is beautiful - loving the light blue in it. Great idea to switch up the curtains for the seasons. Then you'll get a change and won't get tired of the fabric choices. Brilliant! (by the way, your house is gorgeous!) And speaking of making decisions, I haven't hung any curtains or added a run in our dining area or anything cause I'm terrible at making decisions!!! haha see this post:


  9. It's fabulous! Wow I LOVE those colors together in that fabric and to think you found a pillow with just the same colors how lucky! I'm a new follower. Stop by and see me some time at my blog :)



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