I had a crazy busy Saturday, so on Sunday I decided to chill out and go do something I love, antiquing.  
I made my way out to the Burlington Outdoor Antique Show, which happens every third Sunday from April to October.  The show opens at 5:00 a.m., but I wasn't able to get out there until 12:30ish.  There are not too many things that will make me want to get out of bed before 7:00 a.m. (not even shopping).  There's good and bad to arriving late.  The good, is that the vendors are ready to make some serious deals.  The less they have to pack up and take home, the better.  The bad, is that lots of vendors start packing up early and we missed quite a few of them. Oh well, back to the good. 

I scored these vintage school chairs for $10.00 each.  They are not completely metal like I thought I wanted, but they are vintage and the blue/green color on the legs is perfect.  I'm even digging the rust.   

One slight problem is that two of the chairs sit a bit lower than the other two.  
I will have to add something to the bottom of the legs to even them out.  

A few years ago, I would have never thought of mixing wood tones.
If my dining room table was dark wood, I would have wanted every other piece
in the dining room to be dark wood.  Not anymore!
Now, I love the look of mixed wood tones.  Funny how your taste evolves.

I wasn't completely sold on using them here when I bought them, but when I got them home, I knew they would work perfectly.  Mixing styles is something I am slowing learning to do better.  I am truly a traditionalist at heart, but modern and vintage style has been tugging at my heart lately.  Mixing these styles together is what appeals to me the most.

One more time, here are the chairs we were previously using.

And now...

This room is finally coming together.  I have a couple other projects in this room to share with you this week too.  One of them even involves dumpster diving.  You won't want to miss that one!


  1. Great chairs. I wonder if you can attach casters to them to make them higher and easy to move around.

  2. $10.00 each?! I need to get down to Kentucky to do my shopping. The chairs are awesome and the mix of metal and wood looks great with the table. $10.00 each?! I'll be thinking about that all day.

  3. I love them Andrea! I agree the mix of wood and metal with a touch of rust adds a lot of character to the space. Great deal...I like the idea Kim had of adding casters to make them a little higher.

  4. holy crap that was a steal!!!! those chairs are AWESOME!

  5. Andrea, those chairs are way cool. What an incredible deal! I LOVE them with your table too.

  6. I love the chairs, much more intersting than the previous ones.

  7. I'M IN LOVE WITH THOSE CHAIRS! I would have fought you for them ;) Loving all the other changes your making too! I love a good mix as well!


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