A while back I posted about wanting to paint these four chairs blue.  
We have owned these chairs since we got married and while I still like them, I am ready to mix it up.  

This was my inspiration for wanting to paint the chairs blue.  The chairs are great, but how about that mirror.  I would love to stumble upon one of those in the thrift store (for about $20).  Yeah, right. 

image via Style at Home

After I thought for a while about painting the chairs blue, it donned on me that I already have this fabric that will be used to make slipcovers for our dining room chairs.  The dining room is just on the other side of the wall from the chairs I want to paint. Too many blue chairs in too close of proximity to each other.

Then I saw this lovely thing. 
I love the idea of mixing in some metal chairs with the wooden table.  
However, at $199/chair, that is more than I want to spend. 
I will now be on the lookout for some vintage metal chairs at a more reasonable price. 

Crate and Barrel

Just to refresh your memory, this is what the space looked like before we purchased the house.
(My husband was reading over my shoulder as I was writing this and he said
"Did we really buy THAT house?"

Here is is during construction and before we moved in. 

And here it is now.  Well actually this was a few months ago, so of course, 
I have restyled that bookcase about 25 times since then. 

What do you think?  Think the metal and wood mix will work well in this room? 
I will need to sell these chairs before I purchase anything else.  
Anyone looking for some great, sturdy chairs?  


  1. i LOOOOOOOOVE that inspiration pic! go with the blue!!!

  2. i think metal would look great! try overstock.com
    or worldmarket

  3. Sounds like a good idea to me. I found you some look alikes for much less. http://www.homedecorators.com/P/Garden_Side_Chair/200/

  4. What a change!! So so cool how far it's come. I still vote for painting them. Maybe a different color than blue? Maybe a brighter or darker blue?

  5. I love those chairs Andrea! I vote for painting them. That will certainly lighten that space up. Martina

  6. Keep the chairs and paint them grey. Maybe one of those Chalk Paint colors.

    Blogless Peggy, turtlemss@aol.com

  7. If I lived nearby, I would totally buy those chairs--they look sturdy and I love the curve! I think the metal will be a nice touch, though. Did you make those chalkboard signs hanging from the baskets or did you buy them?

  8. There are similar metal chairs at World Market for about $100. Here's the link:
    I just love what you've done with your house so far. I wished I lived closer, because I would love to buy your chairs!

  9. have you considered painting the table?

  10. I'm a new follower - found your blog from Richmond Thrifter. Love your stuff and can't wait to see what other makeovers you do!

  11. I love the blue. Check out Overstock.com for some very similar metal chairs I have been looking at to go with almost the same table.

  12. I agree... a lighter or darker blue would look amazing! Have fun and show us what you do! :)


  13. i've seen very similar chairs on overstock for much less. maybe give them a try?

  14. Metal chairs would look great but I hate to see you get rid of the ones you have since they're still in great condition. What if you painted them all different colors? Could be really fun! Saw you over on Isabella and Max - congrats girl and the lamp is just gorgeous!

  15. Not sure if they still have them but I saw metal chairs like that in Meijers of all places, a few weeks ago. They were on clearance for around $16 EACH! Amazing.


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