Just as soon as I thought my daughter's room was all finished, she decided she needed a little something extra, a bulletin board. I see cork bulletin boards all the time in thrift stores and I have even picked up few lately.  They are sitting on our third floor waiting to be used for yet another project.  
I wanted her bulletin board to be something special.
I had some old blank canvases stored in the basement.  
We grabbed one and used a staple gun to attach some leftover fabric.  

This is what we came up with....

We hung it on the wall next to her desk. 

We also added some blue ribbon we had on hand to the edges, to dress it up a bit.

It's the perfect spot for her to hang pictures of her friends, special awards, 
important e-mail addresses, or whatever else she deems important at the the time. 

The fabric was leftover from this pillow project.  This fabric was the inspiration for 
the entire room so I was thrilled we were able to incorporate it somewhere else in the room.  

Have I mentioned my obsession with fabric lately? 
Hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend.  We did a lot of nothing and I loved every minute of it.  Saturday it was close to 100 degrees and today it was about 65 degrees.  
Looks like summer is officially over!


  1. Love that! What a great little nook with the desk, photos and now the bulletin board. The fabric is fabulous. I can see why you've become obsessed. ;-)

  2. I love it!! So pretty and of course I love how you used same fabric from the pillows.

  3. So cute! I love her bedroom! Especially the desk! What a lucky little girl.

  4. so cute! i love that fabric and love how it brings the whole desk set up together.

  5. I adore that fabric! Oh, and Ella is the name that we've picked out if we have a girl. That makes two mom Andrea's with two daughter Ella's =)

  6. Love the fun fabric and also that great award your daughter received!

  7. Very fun and cute for a girl's room. My sister is re-doing my niece's room. I'll have to show this idea to her!! I'm also jealous of your weather. It's now in the 90's here, which is sad that we are excited about that, but it's better than the 106 it's been. Enjoy your fabulous weather!!

  8. I'm back. We did do this project for my niece's room!! It was so simple, and she was really happy with how they turned out! Thanks for showing us this. I posted about it today and linked to your post to show where I got the idea from. :)


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