Now, now, get your minds out of the gutter.  I've got to keep this blog 99% clean.  My mom, dad, mother-in-law and occasionally my nine year old daughter read it.  I'm speaking of paint stripping, of course.  Let me back up for a moment and admit that I think I may have a disorder called ADD (Attention Decorating Disorder).  Anyone else have this problem?  It's where you start on one project, then swiftly move to another, maybe come back to the first project momentarily, then move on to a third project.  The first step is admitting it, not sure what to do from there, but I'm thinking a support group involving wine might be helpful.

Moving on, Sunday as soon as we got home from church (while still in my church clothes), I decide to start stripping the paint off some old brass door hardware.  I thought I had some chemical paint stripper in the garage, but no such luck.  A quick google search told me I had everything I needed in my cabinets.

I simply put the hardware in an old pan and covered it with white vinegar.  I brought it to a boil and let it boil for about ten minutes.  I forgot to take a before picture, but this is what it looked like while cooking.

Here it is all cooked up and ready to be stripped. 
I used a flat head screw driver to scrape the paint off.  It came off with little effort. 

The piece to the left has been stripped, but not shined.  I used steel wool on the piece on the right to shine it up.  I read about a product called Brasso that brings the shine back to brass.  I'm actually loving the tarnished look so I think I'll let it be.

Here it is all shined up and installed.  

This hardware is about 73 years old.

Doesn't look too shabby, does it? 

The newly stripped hardware went on this french door.
The door finally has a doorknob on it (after almost two years).  A.D.D. I tell you!
I would have taken a new picture with the hardware on, but then I would have had to clean up the office.

Next up, the hinges and the rest of the hardware on these doors 
will meet their fate with me, a pan and some boiling hot white vinegar.  

Of course, that might happen next week, or perhaps next year.  Who knows, but in the meantime,
 who wants to join my A.D.D. (Attention Decorating Disorder) support group?


  1. I am so glad you brought this disorder out to the public with a name, because I need a support group stat! Haha, I always have at least three or four projects working at a time and I have serious "Oooh look, something shiny" issues with all projects! Love it (and what a great tip for stripping, I never knew white vinegar could do that!)

    If your interested in any of my half done (and finished projects as well) please check them out, agirlandakey.blogspot.com

  2. Andrea...thanks for stopping by my blog which led me here to yours!!! Thanks for teaching me something! That hardware turned out great. Can't wait to read more.

  3. Good to know how easy that is! Thanks for sharing. I'm loving the look! Not too shabby at all.

  4. This looks great! I thought strippin was so hard (ha!) but this looks way easier.

  5. Too funny! I myself am ADD with the design, but also unfortunately OCD with it. I start tons of random things and then drive myself bananas trying to finish them because I literally die seeing all these half-done anythings/ideas/projects LOL. Seriously, I am awesome ;)

  6. I've got lots and lots of hardware to strip... I'll be trying this technique out for sure!



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