No one likes to admit their flaws, but I'll go ahead and put it out there, managing time is a big problem for me.  I think it's because I have a pretty flexible schedule.  While that probably sounds great, it creates problems for people like me who are very task oriented.  I like to check things off my list.  Perhaps I should start putting "vacuum half the family room" on my list just can I can check something off.
I thought if maybe I focused on a just a few things each day, I could give my self the satisfaction of feeling like I at least accomplished something.  Luckily, while I was wasting time yesterday at an antique store with my mom.  Wait a minute, I take that back, no time spent with my mom is wasted.  Anyway, as we enjoyed each other's company while perusing antiques and junk, I stumbled upon this interesting item.

I know, you're thinking, "what the &$#* is it?"  Well, I thought the same thing, at first.  I hardly ever pick something up on the first walk through.  I make a mental note that I like it and while continuing to browse, I think of ways that I can use it.  Most of the time, I don't end up going back for the item, but I went back for this one.

There isn't really anything special about it . It's a beat up, stained piece of plywood.  The thing I really liked about it is the old, haphazardly placed, rusted clips.  It has five rows of clips and I initially thought I would give each person in our family a row of clips and add our weekly chores to it or maybe three things we really wanted to get done that week.  Then I decided that my kids would most likely ignore it all together (like they do with so many of my other brilliant ideas).  So I finally decided it would be my time management tool.

When I got home, I printed out tasks that I would like to complete and 
printed them on business card paper.

I included several tasks that I despise (not organizing closets, but cleaning bathrooms)
I figured if I see it in writing, it will make me more inclined to want to get it done. 

It just so happens that I completed all three of my "Monday Tasks".  
I'm off to a good start, if I do say so myself!

I adore taking a plain old object that many people pass up and making it into something useful an fun.  

It is hanging by twine in the mudroom, just outside the pantry and 
right over top of the wooden organizer that houses my kids' school papers.  

In case you're wondering, I paid $12.95 for it.  
I know some crafty people could have made it for much less, but again, the rusted clips sold me. 

How do you manage your time?  Oh, and it looks like my four year old will be managing my time for a while longer.  Took him to the doctor Monday afternoon and he indeed has strep throat (AGAIN!).  Can't wait for it to make its way through the entire family.

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  1. Ugh, sorry about the strep throat. My time management is not the best admittedly. I blame working full-time : )

  2. HA! You're so funny. I love that!

  3. Oh I LOVE this piece! And, the cards you printed out are so fun! I totally would have bought it vs. making it :D

    Bummer about the strep :( Hopefully it passes quickly.

  4. This would work for me. I am constantly making lists and losing them!

    Hope your little one gets well soon!


  5. I am a super organized, type A personality. Ok, I take that back, I used to be like that until I stopped working 4 months ago. Now I seem to waste more time and get less accomplished than when I had less time to do it while working full time and owning a business! I blame it on the pregnancy, but I really have to pull my act together and get more organized at home!

  6. So cool! You are making me want to start perusing stores with old item.

  7. Andrea, I love it. You shop like me at the flea market. I look make a note to come back possibly.

  8. Such a fabulous piece and I am sure it will help in time-management. With kids, it is tough. I work from home so I have similar issues but accomplish a lot (with a clock/watch handy) when kids in school. Today, unfortunately, both kids are home (never happened before) with different ailments so it is time to cook chicken soup, pick up homework, laundry, clean fridge & other house projects.

  9. i think that is a great idea and i love it and i think the price was totally fair! you can't really put a price on time management, can you?

  10. I'm not great at time management, I admit it. My new mantra is "Prioritize your schedule and schedule your priorities", ala my dad. Easier said than done, because sometimes the things that need to be my priority, are not. The whole thing just stresses me out lately! Working full-time, managing the kids/house and then doing projects is my time management challenge.

    Oh yeah, and strep and other viruses have also been making an appearance at our house too. It's only September - why is this starting already??

    I love the board though - fits in perfectly in your space. :-)

  11. BOOO to the sick kiddos! That always sucks )c: But this is a totally brilliant idea! I was reading this post and nodding my head and thinking, omg this is totally me (c: I would like to say that I have an attention span problem, but really, I just need some more organization in my life! Maybe I will get crafty and make one of these dealy-o's myself (c:

  12. You seriously need your own HGTV show! :) Great find!

  13. Neato, that looks like a fun find! Love the rust.


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