Since this is my first year blogging, I thought I would do a timeline for the major holidays. You can check out the Easter timeline here.  It really brings back memories when I put together posts like this.  Sorry, I know I have been a bit sappy lately about my kids growing up.  I think my youngest turning five really got to me.  Looks like we have officially moved out of the baby stage in our lives.  I even gave away all of our baby clothes over the weekend.  That was a big step! I have been hoarding them all for years, just in case.  I was finally ready to let go and move on.  I am so looking forward to all the adventures we will have as our children grow older, starting with trick-or-treating tonight. 

But first, here's a look back from the beginning of our Halloween adventures (with kids).

2002 (Little Ladybug - made by my mother)

2003 - Angel (made by my mother)

2004 - The frog and the princess

2005 - Cowgirl and Cowboy

2006 - Dorothy and the Lion

The skeleton joined our family in 2006 just five days before Halloween

The Bengal football player, the Bengal tiger and the Bengal Cheerleader. 
(the tiger looks a little happier this year)

A witch, a jockey and Elvis. 

Indiana Jones, a Bengal Football Player and a Police woman.  
(this was our first Halloween in our new house)

A Vampire, Hermione and Harry Potter.

This year we will have a Ninja, a Wearwolf and a Competitive Gymnast in the house. 
Are you ready for Halloween?


  1. didn't you love when you were still able to dress your kids how you wanted and you could put them in coordinating costumes? i miss that! i loved having my kids be a little matching set!

  2. Oh my goodness! They are all so cute.

  3. I love this post! That angel costume is the cutest! I only got one year of coordinating costumes ;( They get big too fast!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! All of those costume were amazing :D The princess and the little frog was adorable! I always go back and look at the previous years' pictures at Halloween - amazing how much can change in a year :)

  5. Adorable! Happy Halloween Andrea!

  6. Elvis made me laugh, so cute! Embrace the change, right? I am trying not be sappy as well and we my youngest is only 2! Loved the timeline, so cute!

  7. omg i want kids just to dress them up as HP kids!! GAHHHH! adorable.
    i'm a total sap too. i have MUCH younger siblings and they are still 3 and 5 in my eyes even though they are 16 and 21 *sniff*.
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  8. Adorable Andrea, just adorable!


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