Last year at this time, my dear friend, Kathryn and I had just completed a mini-triathalon.  It was her second triathlon and my first.  I couldn't have had a better partner.  Crossing that finish line, I felt such a sense of accomplishment.

Here we are just after our big finish.

And here we are with our fan club.  
(That's my three on the right and her three on the left.)

The race consisted of 6 miles of canoeing, 5.5 miles of running and 18 miles of biking.  We certainly weren't in it to win it, but we did train for several months.  The canoeing was fun, the running was easy and the biking nearly killed me.

I did manage to learn a few things from the adventure.  First and foremost, just because you know how to ride a bike, doesn't mean you are cut out to bike 18 miles.  And most importantly, don't EVER try to compete in a triathlon using your Schwinn bike from Target.  I'm fairly certain ever other person in the race passed me on their very expensive road bikes.  At one point, during the biking, I asked a timer "How far?"  He responded "5 miles".  I said, "Wow, only 5 more miles to go!"  And he screams "No, you've been 5 miles!!".  I almost cried.  Somehow I made it through the next 13 miles and over the finish line.  I was pretty proud.  Setting goals for myself has always been important to me and I am trying to instill that in my children as well.  Come to find out, they were pretty proud of me that day too.


  1. What a wonderful picture for your children to remember! My hat is off to you! Great job!


  2. Oh my Andrea, my body hurts just thinking about that! What an accomplishment!!! So proud of you :D

    Your 5 mile comment reminds me of when I tried to get into running a few months ago. I finally had gotten up to 2.5 miles without stopping and was SO proud of myself. Yep, not a runner. I mentioned it to my husband and he said, "hmm... wouldn't have thought that route was 2.5, but hey awesome honey!" Turned out it wasn't - the battery in my little jogging stroller's pedometer had started to go out - I had only gotten up to 1.5 miles :( I really did cry!

  3. Congratulations on finishing the tri last year! Visiting from Primitive & Proper.

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  4. This post cracks me up because (again) I can SOOO relate! I did a tri that involved a canoe, with my husband. (I was a last minute substitute for his partner that couldn't do the race). NEVER do a tri that involves a canoe with your spouse. Suffice to say, our canoe tipped, and it will go down in our marital history. Who tipped the canoe will remain and unsolved mystery. :-)

    AND, I did a duathlon once with a Target bike, and was passed by every person on the course, I'm certain. I should have known it was a bad omen when my reflector fell off my bike within the first five minutes of riding. And, I couldn't get it out of the hardest gear, so I was screwed from the very beginning. Good bikes DO make a difference!

    Love the post!

  5. Dang! Impressive. I have never done a triathalon. Way to go!

  6. Wow Andrea! Impressive! I can barely jog to my mailbox without breaking a sweat!! That is so wonderful that you did that for yourself and what an amazing example for your kiddos!


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