I don't exactly do a ton of shopping, but I love to browse.  Here are a few things I have encountered recently that left me drooling.

I'll start with the most drool worthy item I came across.  I'm sure it would have been way out of my price range anyway, but it just so happened that the owner of this antique shop loved this chair so much, she didn't want to sell it.  She just wanted to flaunt it right in the front of the store to tease the shoppers.  Very cruel, in my opinion.  However, I'm sure if someone comes along and offers her the right amount, she would be willing to part with it.  To make myself feel better, I took note that it was a tad rickety anyway.

My next favorite item (or items, I should stay) are these beautiful light fixtures.  
I stared at them for quite some time.  
They have them hanging on the wall, which is really cool, but they are meant to be hung from the ceiling.  These would be beautiful in a foyer or even a little girl's room.  
They were reasonably priced ($300-$500).  

I loved these Golden Gate Bridge bookends.  
I can't remember the price, but I saw some on e-bay that sold for $63.00.  

I was head over heels for these horse head bookends, but again, out of my price range.  $185 for the set. 
Pretty cool, don't you think? Especially for a Kentucky girl. 

This lovely chandelier would not look quite right in my home but I can picture it hanging over a beautiful dining table and being the center of attention.  It was around $1,400.  

I'm not a cat person, but apparently I have a thing for brass lately.  
Even though cats aren't quite my meow, I think these siamese cat andirons are pretty darn interesting. 
I didn't take note of the price, since I had no intention of buying them, but I did look on-line and they are quite expensive.  I found some for $1,500 on an antique web-site.  I think I'll save my cash!

Ah, the brass obsession continues.  This lamp is stunning.  The twisted brass and the acrylic base are perfection.  Surely you know by now, that I buy most of my lamps at thrift stores.  Therefore, this pricey lamp was not going to make it in to my home, but nonetheless, I love it.  

Speaking of thrift store lamps, this one has been sitting around at a local thrift store for months now.  Think I should give it a home?  It's a mere $8.00.  

For some reason, this painting spoke to me.  It didn't speak loud enough for me to purchase it, but it's kind of haunting me now.  Christmas is right around the corner.  Hopefully my husband is reading this. 

So I shifted from a fine antique store, to a thrift store, now on to an antique/junk store.  
I saw this iron wheel and immediately pictured it made into an industrial vintage light fixture. 
I certainly don't have the skills to do so, but if I did, I would have snatched it up.

This emerald green painted dresser was priced right at $79.  
Even though I don't need another dresser, I did seriously contemplate buying this baby.  
The color was amazing and it was very sturdy.  
Unfortunately, there was not enough room in our car to get the dresser and my kids home. 
The kids won, this time!

Okay, so I know old rusted tailgates aren't everyone's cup of tea, 
but this vintage Studebaker tailgate was awesome!  
Not sure it would fit in at my home, but I'm thinking it would look lovely at my dream lake house.  Again, hopefully my husband is reading this.  

I've been banned from buying anymore rusty metal stools, but if I wanted to live in the garage with the rest of my collection, I would have bought this little gem.  Love the color!

Lastly, this green metal cart caught my eye.  I think it was $65.  
Not too bad, and it kind of reminded me of the metal cart I would dumpster diving for.  
I think mine was a better deal.  

How about you guys, do you like to browse and dream when you shop, or are you on a mission to buy?  
While I thoroughly enjoy the hunt, I do hate to come home completely empty handed.  


  1. The green cart WOULD have come home with me :)


  2. Very interesting pieces.. we had a brass car very similar to those growing up in the '70s..very heavy. The bookends are amazing, too. I do love that first chair..it would be a nice addition to any space.

  3. Andrea I think we all hate to come home empty handed:) I could spend hours in a shop like that! Martina

  4. Yesterday I went on a shopping bender, bought some wonderful things, and in the end, I'm taking them all back today. Not buyers remorse, but when I got them in my home, they just didn't seem to fit =) It was fun to try anyways!

  5. yeah, i am pretty much dying over those bookends, too! they are AWESOME! but i wouldn't have paid that either. sometimes it sucks being so thrifty, because we KNOW better. we know we can find something we like as much for lots less.

  6. I love that chest..... refinished in a shade of turquoise. I'm definitely a browser waiting for something to catch my eye. If I'm on a mission for something, I inevitably can't seem to find what I'm looking for so I prefer to be "surprised" by a great find.

  7. Great stuff, I use to have to buy something but now I can enjoy just looking.


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