I know what you're thinking....."Treat others as you want to be treated".  Yes, technically that is THE "Golden Rule" and I say that to my children often.  However, I'm talking about the other golden rule, 
"If you don't like it the way it is, use antique gold Rub N' Buff on it".

Case in point......this here simple demilune table I scored for $5.00 last year at an outdoor antique show.
There is nothing wrong with.  It's sturdy and has no chips or scratches.  
But it does absolutely nothing to excite me. 

But look at it now, after following the other "Golden Rule".....

I find it much more interesting to look at now. 

Rub 'N Buff is so easy to work with.  I spent a total of 30 minutes on this project and I'm still using the same little tube of Rub n' Buff I bought for this project

I know, my mums are looking a bit tired, 
but check out this lovely piece of silver I scored at a thrift shop a few weeks ago for $3.  

And these cute little owls. Another $3 thrift store find. 

This demilune sits in our second floor landing.  
Now I'm thinking I need to do something fun to the mat of this collage.  It's boring me!

I was inspired to turn something gold after seeing this amazing chair Carmel painted for her foyer. 

Also, my client who is working on implementing this design, toned down 
her shiny brass chandelier with Rub N'Buff.  I love how it turned out. 

What do you think, should I trademark "The Other Golden Rule"?

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  1. Ooh, love it! I just blogged the other week about how i'm loving me some gold lately. Nice job with the table and love the owls!

  2. that is SO fun, andrea! i love the gold!!! i loved carmel's chair, too- so glam!

  3. The table is gorgeous...you did a great job. Yes...I love the new rule!!


  4. Wow, I've GOT to try that stuff... sooner or later. Looks great!

  5. Your table looks beautiful all dolled up in gold! Love the new rule, too.

  6. Andrea, the demilune table turned out gorgeous..I love what rub 'n buff is capable of..and Carmel's chair is stunning.

  7. YES!!! You should because that table is DIVINE I tell you! I want to rub and buff something too *whiney voice* ;D

  8. Yes - you totally should! Love that phrase - perfect! Thanks for the shout out and your table looks great!!!

  9. There is no end to the magic of rub-n-buff is there? The table looks fab!

  10. I love that stuff and never thought to use it on furniture. That little table turned out great!

  11. Love Rub n' Buff...but I also have not used it on furniture (just light fixtures)...I may try it on a furniture piece soon! Take care, Caroline

  12. never have tried rub 'n buff...but, wow! and your table is beautiful!

    (visiting from MMS)

  13. LOVE the gold! ANd love a little rub n' buff!! I hope you are gonna come show this off at my link party tonight!


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