I love a good bay window, but sometimes when it comes to adding window treatments, I'm a bit baffled.  Our bay window sat naked for quite some time while I pondered what to do with it.  I finally decided on drapes and sheers.  I admit, I am not completely loving the sheers, but as you can see, we get a ton of light in this window, especially in the afternoon.  Our rug and furniture would be ruined by the streaming sunlight without these sheers.  So for now, it works.  

One of these days, when I tire of all the color in this room, I would love to go neutral with linen slipcovered love seats, cream panels and bamboo blinds.  This room makes me drool just a bit.  
How gorgeous are those windows?

If I had a window seat, I think this would be a great option.  
I can see myself curling up with a good book and possibly hiding out by closing the curtains 

I adore this casual look.  We just had dinner at some friends' new house on Sunday.  
It's actually a very old home oozing with charm. 
They have a beautiful bay window in the dining room that they want to add treatments to.  
There is a window seat underneath and the windows are leaded glass.  
She is thinking of doing something similar to this.  
They want privacy in the evening, but of course, 
they want to showcase the beautiful leaded glass most of the time.  
She will likely choose a more formal fabric, but I think this style is a great option for them.  
I looking forward to seeing what she decides on.  
Can't believe I didn't smuggle my camera in during our visit.  Next time, I promise.


  1. I think your windows look fine the way you have them, but I certainly understand needing change some time.

  2. I think your windows look great. The color palette is so unique and lovely! Ofcourse, millions of us drool over that "Somethings Gotta Give" house!

  3. I love your windows! And I think the sheers are really pretty!

  4. Hi Andrea! I found your blog through a friend of mine on Facebook. I've been reading it regularly and just love what you've done with your new/old house.

    In past posts, you've mentioned your knack for finding great things at thrift stores. I was wondering which thrift stores you usually shop at?

  5. Great post! There are so many options for bay windows! My favorites are the bamboo blinds with drapes and the roman shades. Beautiful pictures!


  6. Doesn't everyone drool over the windows in "Something's Gotta Give!" I like how you have treated your windows with the sheers and the drapes. Very pretty, and I enjoyed seeing the photos of your children dressed for Halloween over the years.

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  8. Seriously, there is nothing better than an old home with character...sounds like it is fabulous! And I love the ideas for the windows, the treatments make all the difference in the world!

  9. Hmm... indeed. Bay windows are good, but sometimes there's just too much light coming in through them during the day. Having something to cover them up during that time would be good, and so far, the drapes and sheers are a fitting choice. The colors have to match the room so the treatment would blend in nicely.

  10. What color/brand paint is that in your living room? I love it, I have been looking for something like it! Please let me know! =-)


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