As I was wasting spending time, once again, on Pinterest over the weekend, I came across this outfit.  
I  already admitted, in this post, that I'm not the best at putting outfits together.  
I love the color combination of this outfit and my mind immediately went to interior design 
and how perfectly these colors would work together in a room.  

So I wasted spent some more time putting together an inspiration board using the colors from the outfit.  
I had entirely way too much fun doing this, so it looks like you may be seeing more of these in the future.  Anyone want to send me an outfit to turn into a room?  I think it would be a fun challenge.  
If you're up for it, e-mail me your favorite outfit and I will put together your outfit inspired room.  
In case you are like me and need a little fashion inspiration, Pinterest is great for that too.
Send it to dsurrey@fuse.net.  


  1. love pinterest! such a great time waster! and I love those jeans!

  2. Love the outfit and your inspiration board. When I saw the outfit though my first thought was that your living room was the inspiration! Love the colors.

  3. Love Pinterest and your idea of making a room to coordinate with the outfit. How fun!

  4. I love everything about the outfit!

  5. Love both the outfit and room! I have turquoise jewelry and the grey sweater...now I just need a scarf in that color to pull the look off. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I have heard that we should decorate in the colors we love to wear. This sounds true in your case! I love to wear black, but I am not a big fan of it in my decor. Either way, enjoy pinning!


  7. Great post! The outfit is super cute and the room is right on!


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