But, in high school, I thought I was an artist.  I have always been a creative person, but calling myself an artist might be a bit of a stretch.  I took art in high school and one semester I painted this.

Believe it or not, this painting hung in my high school cafeteria for many years.
It may or may not have had food thrown at it during it's display there. 
Nonetheless, it eventually came down and was given back to me.  
I always knew if I had a daughter, I would hang it in her room.  
Up until two days ago, it has been sitting on top of my daughter's dresser leaning up against the wall.

I was stuck at home for 2 1/2 days this week with a sick kid.
I got a little bored being cooped up and decided to hang it.
First I used the velcro command strips to adhere it to the wall.
Then, I decided to break out the chalk and create a frame. 

I started out doing it freehand and and then I went back over the lines using a level as a guide. 

My daughter was pretty surprised when she walked into her room that night. 
She asked if she was allowed to color on her walls too.  Well, of course not!

While I was at it, I went ahead and hung up one of the other paintings I did in high school. 

I hung this one in her bathroom.  

Just for the record, I copied both of these paintings from other artists. 
I think that's the difference between me and artists, I can copy, real artists create!

Changing the subject,
I just finalized a design plan for a new client and I can't wait to show you on Monday.

Hope you all have a great weekend. 


  1. Your paintings are wonderful, you're very talented!

  2. Andrea, I looove how you framed out your picture, what a creative idea! I really like your paintings too, they are better than you give yourself credit for. Thanks for stopping by and visiting us, will be your newest follower, Laura

  3. Those are gorgeous! I'd say you're pretty darn talented Andrea!!! Love that you've got them up for your daughter to enjoy :)

  4. They are really good. Don't knock yourself! What a fun idea for framing it! Definitely gives it a little something unexpected!

  5. I love the idea of a chalk frame - you may have copied the artist, but the chalk frame idea you can claim as your own. ;-) I think the paintings are really neat - special that you made them yourself, which is what our kids are more interested in anyway, right?

  6. Wow... you are as talented as you are beautiful.

  7. You are TOTALLY an artist! These are just beautiful and sentimental...so sweet!

  8. How cute, I am so glad they gave it back to you! It is perfect for your daughters room, and I think you have some skills!

  9. What a special addition to her room!! ..... something she will cherish for years to come. You should take up painting again!

  10. I love that you used your old paintings for her- it makes it so much more personal than purchased work!


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