First things first, thank you so much for all the kind comments about the Dining Room Reveal.  
With several projects in the works, it was very satisfying to see one of them completed.  
I couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome and even more important, 
I have a satisfied client who is loving her new room.  
I am busy working on some new projects and hopefully 
I will have a few more reveals for you before the end of the year.  

Switching gears, I found this amazing old trunk last week at a local thrift store. 

 I couldn't bear the thought of leaving it there and I knew right away 
it would work perfectly in the living room of one of my clients. 

Check out the gorgeous detail and the old stickers on the side. 

Just for fun, I had to bring it in and try it out in our office.  I must admit, I kind of fell in love with it.  

In the end, I sold it to the client and may have shed a tear of two when it was gone.  

It wasn't exactly a good fit for the office anyway.  My husband felt like it was crowding his space.  
Even though it wasn't meant to be (for me), it went to a good home and will certainly be well taken of.
Oddly enough, I was able to negotiate a great deal on the trunk because the key could not be located.  
I told my client that when she gets it open and finds millions of dollars in it, we will have to split it.
However, I'm not holding my breath. 

How about you, found any treasures lately?


  1. Wow, what an amazing find! That trunk is so unique and such a statement piece. Your client is very lucky! You'll have to let us know if there are wonderful treasures inside the trunk once it's opened. That could be very interesting!! :)

  2. Oh I think I would have been selfish and kept it for myself ;) It's fabulous!

  3. Funny story - I found a trunk a while ago that was locked without a key, but I was too scared to purchase it for fear of what could be inside! Ha!

    I would have cried too - that trunk is amazing!

  4. Andrea, how do you do it? You always seem to find the BEST pieces (and deals!) while thrifting and antiquing! You are such an inspiration!

  5. Its perfect in our living room! The kids are salivating to know what's inside. Thanks again for your keen eye and for letting it go. ;-)

  6. Beautiful find, I don't think I would have been able to part with it. But glad to know it went to a good home.

    I found 3 great doors at Habitat over the weekend, we're turning them into counter tops. That is the only thing I have found for a looong time.


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