This year I decided I wanted to use real greenery for my Christmas decor.  
Being the thrifty person I am, I was never thrilled about the idea of buying new garland and greenery year after year, but I decided to bite the bullet this year and go green.

I filled the red pots on my front porch with greenery and red berries.  
Last year these sat bare all winter because I never could figure out what to put in them. 
I completely copied my very stylish neighbor.  Hey, it's the best form of flattery, right?

Being a novice to buying fresh garland, I went a bit overboard and bought 75 feet of pine roping.  Ooops, I really only needed about 25.  I think next year, I'll wrap the real pine roping around the fake green wreaths that hang on all the windows in the front of our house.   

Since I had a little (sarcasm) extra roping, I hung some from the stair rail.   

I tied a bow from some burlap stripes and added a few fake berries and twigs. 

I also added some greenery to the mantel in the living room. 

I picked up these three trees at the thrift store about a month ago. 

Gotta have a little bling. 

I also added some pine roping to the mantle in the family room. 

Oh, and one last splash of green.  This looks real, doesn't it.  
Well, I've had it and one just like it for four years now.  
My friend scored them after Christmas from the Front Gate Outlet for a mere $6.00 each.  
They completely fool everyone into thinking they're real.  Now that's my kind of green!

How about you, do you use live greenery each year?


  1. i love it! i am hoping it is in the budget next year to do real greenery- i just adore it.

  2. After seeing your live greenery I totally want to, but it sounds expensive, and well you know how cheap I am :D Absolutely gorgeous decor you have!

  3. Gorgeous, looks like you put that 75' of garland to good use! Love all of you holiday decor!

  4. I love it. it looks so pretty on your doorway and railing. I get it from yard!!

  5. So pretty! I love natural REAL greenery, but I've actually moved away from it this year. I definitely see it back in my future though!

  6. I just whack away at what's in my yard. Your red pots & porch look beautiful, and I couldn't help but notice the artwork over your fireplace, is it one of your paintings?

  7. I looks so nice and I'm sure smells lovely. Nice job!

  8. Andrea, the front of your house looks so festive! The "extra" came in handy, love the banister with the burlap and berries, its simple but elegant..Your house always inspires me, thanks!

  9. Your fresh greenery looks beautiful! Fresh greenery is my favorite thing to decorate with! I always use the clippings from my tree and I am fortunate enough to be able to cute several different kinds.

  10. I love using fresh greenery in decorating. I'm sure it smells amazing, and looks so festive!

  11. So pretty! Natural is always the best!

  12. Your house looks so pretty, Andrea!!! I'm a big fan of the real deal and cut down - oh I don't know - half my backyard to decorate this year! Enjoy your festive Christmasy home!

  13. I love the urns out front! I picked up a bundle of real greenery but for the most part just used snips from my holly trees in our backyard. BTW - I survived the youth group pizza party, but my basement tells another story. ;) Sorry I missed you - did you check out Coffee Times?

  14. I WISH we could! My husband is allergic so we have to fake it :( Your house looks gorgeous!


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