When we were in the midst of our renovation, we removed all the old doors and hardware.  
I donated the doors, but I held onto the antique hardware.  
Not sure yet what I'm going to do with the crystal doorknobs, 
but I did finally find a use for the old skeleton keys that we inherited with the house.  
I knew I wanted to display them in some form or fashion.  
I love having a piece of the history of our home hanging on the wall. 

I took the glass out of a frame that I purchased at the Dollar Store and 
I covered the cardboard backing with some burlap fabric I had on hand.  
I used a little hot glue to attach the keys.  
It took me two years to get around to doing the project 
and all of five minutes to actually complete the project. 
I have been wanting to add something other than family photographs 
to the gallery wall in our family room.  This was the perfect addition. 

I also added this wooden "S" to the opposite end of the gallery wall. 

I think I'll add a few more non-photograph items as well.  
The gallery wall is looking a little long and narrow now, so perhaps I'll add to the top a bit. 

I have been slowing getting out the Christmas decorations this week.  I'll give you look tomorrow. 
Just want to warn you that I'm a "Less is More" kind of girl.  
I don't typically go all out with holiday decor.  
We still had pumpkins on our front porch until yesterday.  I'm slowly but surely getting my act together. 
How about you, have you decked the halls yet?  


  1. How awesome that they are original to the house! And, what a great way to display them and nod to the home's history. Love it!

  2. What a perfect idea for the skeleton keys, as I have a few myself, I may have to try this! How about using the crystal doorknobs as coat hooks? Mount them on a wooden board and hang on the wall, cute in a mudroom, foyer or even a guest or bathroom! I too am a little slow out of the box on my decorating, I fear when I am done, it will be time to take everything down!


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