We finally got our tree up last weekend.  
It was almost impossible to find a day and time 
when our entire family could go pick out the tree. 
We set aside a couple of hours last Friday night 
and we chose a tree pretty quickly because it was darn cold.  
Since we have a vaulted ceiling in our family room, the last two years, 
we have bought on a nine foot frasier fir tree. 
 In our tree shopping haste, we couldn't find one that tall, 
so we settled on a seven foot tree.   

Before we had children, I remember searching high and low for the perfect tree.  
Nowadays, as long as everyone agrees on it and it's not completely lopsided, I'm good. 

This year's tree is not perfect by any means, 
but the time spent together picking it out and decorating it is what meant the most.  
My kids get so sentimental every year decorating the tree.  
They like to reminisce about where each ornament came from and how long we have had it. 

We have had this star since the very first Christmas my husband and I were married. 

Here are a few of my favorite ornaments.

Our tree is drowning in handmade ornaments from my kids.  
Most of them are falling apart and on their last leg, but I just can't seem to throw them out.  
The little toy solider is an ornament my husband had as a child.  It is always front and center on the tree.  The Elvis ornament was a gift from my mother-in-law and yes, it sings!  
The wreaths on the right were made from welted wool squares.  
I saw the idea here and thought my kids would have fun making them.   
They were most excited about getting to use a needle. 

While I do love the experience of picking out a tree as a family,
 I must admit that I have been pushing hard for the past couple of years for an artificial tree.  
Our house is very dry in the winter and our Christmas tree dies out quickly.  
Not to mention the cost of an nine foot live tree can be pretty pricey.  

I have my eye on this one...

This tree  is an artificial nine foot Frasier Fir from Ballard Design.  
So far, I have been encountered much resistance.  
I even suggested we get a small live tree for our living room 
and use the artificial tree in the family room. 
I'll let you know after Christmas if I won that battle. 
What about you, are you on "team real" or "team fake"?


  1. Andrea your tree looks beautiful! I like both real and fake but only do fake in our house because we put them up Thanksgiving weekend and I don't know if it would make it till Christmas.

  2. I am still voting for a real tree but I must say after seeing a lot of people put their trees up Thanksgiving weekend it is tempting. Your tree turned out great. If you get a chance stop by and see our tree this week. Laura

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  4. Andrea, your tree is very pretty. We bought a real tree this year and not sure it will look very good by Christmas. I have two artificial trees stored that I don't care for. The way they are made it is hard to hang ornaments on them. One is pre lit and the other one is a slim tree with not lights. I do all the work myself so I opted for a smaller real tree this year. That one from Ballard's is nice. You should also check out balsamhill.com for trees with free shipping. I may find a new artificial tree on sale for the future.

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  5. Andrea your tree is just lovely and perfect! Enjoy it and this Christmas week!

  6. Your tree looks lovely and I love the star! I might have a few Elvis ornaments of my own.

  7. Beautiful! Keep those sweet ornaments your kids have made intact... We no longer put ours on the tree (my kids are teenagers)but keep them in a separate box for each child to have one day. They love to admire their handiwork after the tree is decorated each year. Loved your comment about how swiftly you pick your tree out...same here, and I am on team real, I just keep it short and sweet in my house!
    Happy holidays!


  8. Love that your tree is covered in handmade ornaments - so beautiful and special! I'm on team fake. I can't ever remember to water it so it dries up almost immediately :( I definitely miss the smell of a real tree. Maybe I'll hang a pine sented something in the center in the future, ha!

  9. It looks beautiful! I wanted another fake one myself but I have to say that I loved the experience of going to pick it out, cutting it down and then of course

  10. I have both. Always do a real Frasier Fir in the family room and a few years ago I scored an awesome Martha Stewart clearance tree at Kmart (beautiful, pre-lit Frasier Fir) this one goes in the living room. You might be able to get a great deal after Christmas, go out first thing on Monday!

  11. Artificial all the way! I have a pre-lit tree in my living room that is fancy-smancy. The tree downstairs is about 25 years old and I so beautiful when it is together. It's festively designed with lhiots of reds. In our family room we also have a bank of small trees on a credenza and a 71/2 foot tree that the grandkids design. That tree is my favorite - a collection of ornaments my children (now grown) loved growing up. The grandkids are adding each year. Nothing is breakable (I hope) and we have the greatest time when they are putting the tree up!!! This tradition started with the first grandchild and now we are at number 4. Glad they stopped at 4! I only have so much space.

  12. it looks beautiful, andrea! i love the star. and i think every tree needs an elvis ornament. thank you very much.

  13. Well, we always get a real one, but I think the "fake" ones are beautiful too! I just enjoy the real tree, but am not a tree snob! haha - get what works best for you! and my tree looks a lot like yours with all the old kiddie ornaments (and some from my childhood) that we cannot bear to part with~ Merry Christmas!

  14. we have fake trees... every time I think about getting a real one, I remember the pine needles, and trying to tie it to the top of our car... and trying to shimmy underneath to water it... then I'm happy about our fake ones :) beautiful tree though!

  15. I love real trees & we've had a few of them when we were first married. But my dh hates the cost of them & now, my son cannot breath around them. So, I haven't had a real tree in at least 15 yrs. I do miss the scent but that's all. It's much easier to put up & to clean up after.

  16. Your tree looks beautiful! I love a real tree but the hub isn't a fan. I'm thinking next year we'll get a small real tree for the basement to compromise.

  17. So funny, because I lost the battle to keep my real tree while in the throes of my last pregnancy. My husband played the fire safety card and my maternal side caved. I did get a small live table top tree this year though. My sister-in-law has the Ballard tree you shared and it is so real looking. Either way, your tree is gorgeous this year and will be next year. There's nothing like kiddos' homemade ornaments. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  18. very beautiful tree, I love original star on top, how wonderful that you've thing with "history". Merry Christmas!


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