This is the picture I used for our Christmas cards this year. 

This picture just makes me smile.  

I ordered the cards from here

I was thrilled with how the picture turned out.  
I love the cards, but the coloring was a tad orange when they were printed. 
Nonetheless, that's one more thing checked off my holiday to do list. 

I started sending Christmas cards in college and I have done so every year. 
 It's a tradition I definitely plan to continue.  
I get so excited when the mail comes this time of year.  
I just love getting cards from friends and family and 
seeing how all the kids have grown from year to year. 
How about you, do you send Christmas cards every year?

I shared here what we do with all the Christmas cards we receive after the holidays are over. 


  1. I'm with you - adorable picture! We sent them every year. This was the first year I included our picture with the kids as I didn't have many good ones of the kids.

  2. Such cuties! Love the card. We've done them every year except last year (we were in the midst of moving and demolition in our house). I'm running late this year and need to get them out tomorrow. I LOVE getting the ones with pictures. Love seeing how much the kids we don't see often are changing.

  3. What a great picture, Andrea!!! Your kids are beautiful, and dare I say, cooperative? As opposed to mine, especially a certain 13 year old in my house who hates having his picture taken? UGH. I popped my cards in the mail yesterday and it feels so good to have it done....even if the picture is a little blurry and my kids are goofballs in it!

    I'll have to check out your paper source - the cards are adorable!
    Hope you enjoy the weekend!

  4. Beautiful kids make for a lovely card! Thanks for sharing!



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