Try saying that three times in a row quickly.  Difficult, huh?  
Anyway, I have added a new ornament to our decor and it will be a permanent one.  

Here she is......She's a beauty, isn't she?  You get my sarcasm, right?  

Here is the other side of the permanent ornament. 

Here is the story, since my husband is working from home now,
 the noise level in the house is sometimes a bit of an issue. 
His office is right off the living room, which is where the piano is.  
He is on the phone quite a bit during the day and apparently our seven year old practicing 
"Hark the Herald Angels Sing" 40 times a day on the piano is a bit distracting. 
So when the ornament is green, the kids are free to sing, dance, play 
and bounce basketballs through the house.

When my husband needs to get on a call, 
he will (or at least has been instructed by me) to flip the ornament to red.  

Hopefully this little system will work out.  

And just for the record, the working from home situation is going very well.
I thought my husband would be in my way, but I was wrong. 
I actually really enjoy getting to spend the extra time with him 
and my little one loves having both mommy and daddy all to himself five days a week.  


  1. Oh that's a good system, Andrea! We have the same issue on occasion, plus my kids like to barge into my husband's "office" (our bedroom) with their friends once in a while to tell dad something funny. I think I need to incorporate your ornament idea into my house! :)

  2. Super idea. My husband works from home off and on but my 11 year old and I are home all the time since we home school and she can be very loud!

  3. What a great plan. My husband doesn't work from home but fields calls from students in the evenings. We need to try this out. Glad it's working out for you to have yours home.

  4. How cute! My husband worked from home until our oldest was 8. My friends thought I was crazy, but we loved having him home.

  5. This is a great idea--kind of made me chuckle because its a cute way to get your kids to cooperate. I should also say that I LOVE your blog. Its the only one that I currently "subscribe" to, and I get so excited each time I get an e-mail with a new post of yours. Thanks, and keep it up!


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