Not as in, I'm hiring, although come to think of it, I sure could use a personal assistant. 
Of course, it would have to be a voluntary position.  Any takers?  
No, okay, moving on then.  

I need some help deciding what to do with this boring beige table I bought back in December.  
I loved the natural color of it when I bought it and I still do, just not with all the other 
beige going on in this room.  The curtains, the rug, the ottoman, the pillows, all beige. 

I already have the blue painted secretary in here so I definitely don't want to paint the table blue 
and I already have enough coral color in the room too with the love seats, the lamp and art. 
I originally had a dark stained square wooden table here and it just didn't feel right.
I was thinking about painting the table a high gloss white, but I don't want it 
to disappear into the sheers.  Help! Any suggestions?  

I'm also having some trouble with this corner.  
The chair that is temporarily residing there now is going to go away 
and then I will be left with an empty corner.  

It's an odd space because we have the french doors open most of the time 
and there is slight bump out in the wall from some ductwork.  

I would love to add one of these beautiful fiddle leaf fig trees in the corner.  
Too bad I kill any and all house plants. 
Any other suggestions?  

Seriously, I'm stumped, HELP WANTED!!!


  1. What about painting the table a nice gray? I like the gray in the background of the pillow that is setting on the chair "that is going away" in the corner--third photo, the one with the fringe.

  2. i think for teh table you could paint it white but strip and refinish the top so it doesn't blend as much. you could also leave as is and rub n buff the edges so it glams it up a little more. a navy blue might also be nice and work with all those colors, too. for the corner i think the tree would work or a leaning piece of some kind, like a shutter, mirror, old door turned chalkboard.... just something for some height. that is definitely a tricky corner though!!!

  3. I think I would stencil the curtains with a little bit of color.

  4. I think I would paint that table black and then maybe distress the edges or try the rub n buff for a little detail on the edges. And then in the future if you wanted to dress up the draperies at all you could even add some trim to the draperies. And for the corner...mmm...I'll have to think about that. Do you want another type of seating or storage?

  5. How about a vintage or DIY folding screen for that corner? I like Holly's idea of rubbed out black for the table...every room needs a little bit of black!

  6. First of all, this room is so pretty. Each time I see it, I'm reminded of how much I like it. My first reaction was not with the table but with the curtains. How about adding a wide width of contrasting fabric or ribbon on the edge to create a nice break in the beige before the eye hits the table. Also, I think you must address your green thumb and go with a tree for the corner :) You can do it!! ..... talk to Alison she has an amazing one in her dining room.

  7. I think you're going to have to get past your murderous ways and do the tree in that corner - it's fabulous! For the table, what if you wen't with the high gloss white like you were thinking and did some gold on the lips of the top? Found a couple of things on Pinterest but can't get the stinking pins to copy in my comment. But I searched for White and gold table and it pulled some good stuff up.

  8. What about black?? Every room could use a little... I think white would be great too.

  9. As for the corner, the first thing that came to mind was something very textural, such as a collection of cool, huge baskets (I know, easier said than found). Layer them on some stools, so to vary heights? Perhaps an urn, filled with twisty branches?

  10. I agree with Crissy on adding a band of ribbon or fabric to the edge of the curtains, perhaps. I did this with grosgrain ribbon and FabricTac glue to my living room curtains and it gives it a little contrast. I love that little round table and want to steal it from you!!

  11. What about trying a cloth over the table? Try different colors to see which you like best. That will help you decide what color if you decide to change the table.

    Try a dragon tree. They can take a great deal of neglect & need little light. I bought mine small & as the main trunk grew, I cut it so it divided into 2 to 4 more trunks. Over time, I have two very beautiful interesting shaped trees that originally cost me .50 each.

  12. You could do a metallic finish on the table (if you are into something like that)..it will blend in nicely with the chairs while still lending an updated feel and some contrast. The corner could be used for something decorative which is utilitarian as well like a bookshelf or even a tall mirror perhaps. Or else, let it be a mini gallery wall of family pics. The corner does not necessarily have to have something standing upright in it. Consider using just the wall; it will make the space look more "occupied".

  13. I would leave the table as is. How about adding some bold / colorful fabric to the bottom of the curtains?

  14. How about a nice antiqued silver finish on that cute table? It would look good with the chairs, contrast with the white sheers, and add another element without more color.

    For the corner, what about propping a big interestingly textured or painted old door? You could even make it functional - post framed photos on it or something creative. It would use the space well and you could add a pop of coral or blue or whatever you'd like.

    Can't wait to see what you do! It's a lovely room. :)


  15. I think a shiny espresso paint would look great. It wouldn't clash with anything else and it would ground that space. The room looks lovely no matter what!

  16. I agree about espresso color and maybe paint a chess board on top to have a game to play while sitting there? The espresso would match the legs of the chairs. In the corner, it would look great to have some big plant there and the fake stuff these days are gorgeous and I love it, since I too kill all plants.

  17. What about a mustard/ochre color? Something that's a version of the beige/sisal you already have going on, but with more saturation, intensity and pop? The pillow on your loveseat has all of the colors in your room, including a hint of deep yellow/gold....this could be an unexpected element, especially in a high gloss finish! Just a thought......

  18. I'm going to go out on a limb and say brass/gold like some of the frames you have in the space. It would be unexpected and fun! For the corner I was going to suggest a plant. There are a lot of easy to grow plants out there I'm sure there is one that would work for you. You just have to remember to water it and re-pot it once and a while.

  19. Andrea, as soon as I saw the table I said black. It would look great. You can do a satin or even a gloss. It would truly make a statement.

  20. I would paint the table a very dark, if not black, color. high glass since everything else in the room appears soft or matte. As for the corner, fill it with the largest round table you can fit, cover with a full length cloth..b/w ticking or go all out with a full pattern. Large table lamp. Lots of fun stuff. Use as bar or appetizer serving area for parties....or keep a puzzle out all the time. Get another side chair, matching or not.

  21. Definitely paint the table a charcoal or even a dark metallic pewter. Add a charcoal band or trim vertically to the edge of the curtains. Go for the plant, if you really think you will kill it, get a good quality fake one. A touch of green life will energize the space. Good luck!

  22. black, black, black!!!

  23. I think I'd go with black or a metallic both would go but without jumping out at you:)

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