It was a crazy weekend that started early with an event at my children's school.  
My daughter along with the rest of the fourth grade class participated in the annual Wax Museum.  They all picked a famous Kentuckian, researched that person 
and then put together a speech detailing the person's life. 
 My daughter chose Louis Marshall Jones, aka Grandpa Jones from the show Hee Haw. 
Here she is in character.

And here's Grandpa Jones with her proud grandpa. 

And here is little brother's version of Grandpa Jones. 
He tried to draw his own mustache on with a marker.
He clearly doesn't understand that a mustache is located under the nose, not above it!
 I gave him an "A" for effort and creativity. 

Next up in the whirlwind weekend was a quick trip to Chicago for my daughter's gymnastics meet. 

She did a great job and ended up placing 10th in the All Around. 

After getting up at 4:45 a.m. to make the drive to Chicago, a 4 1/2 hour long meet and a lovely dinner out, we made it back to the hotel for a party with all the gymnasts.  
Hundreds of energetic screaming girls, four DJs and some sugary snacks, 
equals a nine year old little girl's dream come true. 

The most fascinating part of the night was the handstand contest.  
A handstand contest between a bunch of gymnasts is something to see, believe me.
It was amazing how long those girls could hold a handstand.  Fascinating, I say!
We were both completely exhausted, but my daughter was determined 
to make it to the end of the party.  Mission accomplished!

We made a quick dash to the American Girl Store on Saturday morning and had breakfast.  
The 2012 American Girl doll of the year is McKenna, the gymnast.  
My daughter has been doing extra chores for the past few months to earn money to buy McKenna.
She was in heaven!

We rushed back home just in time for her to make it to a Father/Daughter Valentine's dance at school. 
Poor little girl was so tired, she could barley stand. 

Sunday also happened to be my birthday.  My parents came in town on Saturday and my mom helped my boys make me a cake from scratch.  My little guy was in charge of the candles.  
He put three at one end and seven at the other end.  In case you're wondering, I'm 37! 

It was an exhausting weekend, but I loved every single minute of it.  
Such great memories that I will cherish always.

What all did you cram in to your weekend?


  1. it does sound like a full weekend. glad you all enjoyed your trip and happy birthday!

  2. whirlwind seems like a bit of an understatement!!!! WOW- jam packed but looks like fun! i love your son's mustache- awesome!!!!
    and happy birthday!!!

  3. Wow! I am tired just reading about your week-end! All wonderful though, happy birthday, happy mustache, happy travels! So fun!

  4. Boy you were busy!!! Happy birthday!

    Love the father/daughter dance picture. So cuter.

  5. Good night that is a packed weekend! Happy Birthday :)

  6. What a wonderful family time filled weekend. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday! Wow, you were busy! Love the costume pic, so cute! We also visited the American Girl Store this weekend but we were at Mall of America and IKEA. McKenna is really cute, how fun that she is a gymnast like your daughter. Hope you can have a relaxing day today!

  8. Wowzers, that was quite the weekend!! What a great way to ring in your birthday - first the trip with your little girl and then the visit from your parents with a homemade cake to boot! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREA - and best wishes for a wonderful year ahead!!

  9. Happy Birthday! sounds like a crazy weekend, but good crazy =) ps I turned 37 3 months ago. Not so bad, but not looking forward to 40 lol!

  10. Sounds like a crazy fun weekend!

  11. That is a jam packed weekend! What a great meet for your daughter and a birthday for you as well! I've always wanted to go to Chicago - one of these days.

  12. My oh my that was a lot...... but all really special stuff! I hope your birthday was great despite the exhaustion! That mustache is one for the books! :)

  13. So sweet! Happy Birthday to you and enjoy with your beautiful family!

  14. Oh girl you have been BUSY! Looks like a good busy though! Congrats to your girl - such an accomplishment! Happy B-day! My daughter informed me over the weekend that she wants an American Girl for her b-day. I didn't even know she knew about them!

  15. What a great blog you have! I found you on Pinterest, and have enjoyed poking around!! I am hosting a blog hop linky party this week, would love if you'd join up with a link of your choice!!
    Leanne @ Because (I think) I Can

  16. sorry, forgot the link!!


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