My latest project was really fun to work on because we basically started with a blank slate.  
My clients have remodeled and decorated their entire house, 
with the exception of their master bedroom.

When I met with Mrs. J., she was open to changing everything about the room. 
Their style is traditional yet fun.  I wanted the overall feel of the room to be cozy, but still vibrant. 

Here is our plan.....

The plan consists of the following:
This bed from Sundance will be replicated by a carpenter 
- Add some warmth to the hardwood floors with a rug 
- Put a cool color, SW Topsail, on the walls to help tone down the warm colors in the fabrics 
-  Bring in a solid wood dresser 
- Paint one of the existing dressers and the nightstands 
- Add a large mirror over the bed and a gallery wall with family photos to another wall

My client is quite talented and will be doing all of the sewing herself 
and she will even be reupholstering an existing chair.  
I can' wait to see this plan come to life. 

This was my inspiration.....

I told you this was my favorite color combination.
These colors just make me happy!
Hopefully I will have some very happy clients when this project is complete.

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  1. Looks like a great plan and I love those colors that you've used for inspiration. I also really love that paint color that you've specified - it's so pretty. I can't wait to see how this all comes together and sounds like a true collaboration.

  2. Love that color combo. What pretty fabrics and I can't wait to see that headboard!

  3. Gorgeous! The bed is to die for and the color combo is so happy, this is gonna be great!

  4. oooh iu love love it!!! warm and pretty and soothing, too! and guess what!!! that headboard you have there is the one my neighbor is making me (well designed after that!)

  5. I love the design board. The color combination is awesome too.

  6. These colors are fresh, but still colorful! I love your design plans! Beautiful!

  7. I absolutely love this color combination! Great plan!

  8. Beautiful colors!! Would you mind telling us what that medallion print fabric is called?

  9. Very alive... I love the striped and floral fabrics!

  10. I love those colors together and the design you created using them will be beautiful. I really like the touches of wood on the headboard and dresser, it adds a lot of warmth to the space.

  11. Those colors are lovely. Using yarn to inspire the color is a great idea. The wood bed is so pretty, too.

  12. You know I love that headboard and the color palette is gorgeous and "happy" and you and your clients are sure to be, too.

  13. I just pinned that inspiration board. I *love* the fabrics, texture and color combo!


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