I know I talk a lot about what a talented seamstress my mother is, 
but I have yet to mention that she is also a fantastic writer.  
She was a teacher before she retired.  
She taught language arts, reading, job training, religion, art
 and she was even my school principal for a few years.  
My mom has always expressed herself through writing 
and when I turned 10, she decided she would write me a poem for my birthday.  
The tradition stuck and when I turned 20, she wrote me another poem,
 and yet one more when I turned 30. I'm well on my way to receiving my next poem.  
Framing these treasures has been on my "Decorating To List" for years.  
I finally got around to it last week.  

I typed them up, put them in frames and hung them on the wall in my bedroom.

I love walking past them each day.

She had more to say with each decade.

I barely fit this last poem on one page. 


I am not loving the frames after seeing these pictures. 
They will work for now, but I will probably end up using something different.
I do, however, love what is in the frames. 

They are hung in the hallway leading to our bathroom. 
Just ignore the naked window.  It will be addressed soon.

Here are the words of the poems. 
My daughter will be 10 in July.  She has already requested a special poem for her birthday.
Since I am not quite a poet, I had better start working on it now. 

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  1. On my, those are beautiful! I was tearing up so much at the end I could barely read anymore :) What amazing gifts.

  2. oh wow! those are SO sweet- how awesome to look at each day. and i am such a sap i was crying, too!

  3. These are the sweetest gifts. Simply beautiful.

  4. These are so very special! I love seeing them framed and grouped together!

  5. That is the most fantastic tradition...LOVE that idea, something to really look forward to for those milestone birthdays! You have a super sweet mama (c:

  6. What a wonderful gift! Truly something to treasure and pass down to your own children. My mom was a teacher too - Language Arts, Religion, etc.. They make for special moms, don't they? :-)

  7. such a thoughtful way to express how much you love someone! moms are the absolute best!

  8. What an amazing gift she has given you! I had tears in my eyes reading it! How special!

  9. How special! And what a nice idea to carry on the tradition for your daughter. My grandmother used to write poems for me and my brother when she was living. Her handwriting was so unique that I can still picture it in my head. I'll have to see if I can get my hands on one of those poems.

  10. Andrea, these are incredible. What a treasure!

  11. Andrea, this is amazing! What a beautiful gift to treasure forever. My daughter is turning 10 in March (a decade as she says). I think I may be starting a new tradition....Thank you for the loving inspiration.


  12. I'm loving your blog! This poem idea is so beautiful! How special to have those framed to look at every day :)

  13. That's amazing! What meaningful art! I'm so glad you got them up.

  14. Thank you for sharing these! Your mom writes beautifully--truly an example of literary art. You are blessed to have these keepsakes from her, and they look great on your wall.


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