In honor of the Kentucky Wildcats making it to the Final Four, 
I put together a collection of few blue and white etsy finds.  
Just because I won't be watching the game court side, doesn't mean I can't show my school spirit. 


I'm not really a huge sports fan.  
I like baseball when it's not too hot, football when it's not too cold, 
and college basketball, when the Wildcats are playing.

I was a junior in college in 1996 when the Wildcats won the National Championship.  
What an experience that was!
This is a picture of me and my BFF, Maggie, at the end of the night (in 1996). 
That's me on the right.  I am sure there is a perfectly good explanation as to why 
Maggie is wearing a motorcycle helmet.  I just wish I could remember what it is.
Oh well, good times!

Is your team still in the running? 


  1. Lol, that picture is funny, thanks for the laugh! I don't really have a team but I know my hubby picked the cats to take it all so I guess we are cheering them on. Plus I love blue and white which is a dumb reason to cheer for a team but their great color choice is a winner in my book. Love the stuff you picked out, want to shop for me? I need summer clothes, need to look cute for Haven.

  2. The eternity scarf and the flower pin, I'm in love with both of them.


  3. YAY! SO excited about them making it to the final four!!! Can not wait tll Saturday!

  4. Always loved Kentucky colors -- and think how fresh for spring! :) But alas, i'm in a UGA/AU household... ha ha; have fun!!

  5. Fun and very appropriate round up! Way to go cats! Blue and well is such a classic combo too. And love the throwback photo too!! We route for all the Philly teams, so now it's onto go Phillies!

  6. GO Cats!!!! I have them picked to go all the way in my bracket! I love the blue and white. I feel like I need to throw a party now fo the game on Saturday.


  7. How fun for you ... oh, and there's Karianne up there talking about "brackets" again! She laughs at my ignorance of all things basketball ...



  8. Go Blue!!!! I have been reading your blog for a few weeks, I didn't know that you were from Kentucky. Small world. I am from Lexington and went to UK!!! I am thrilled that they made it to the final four and that they have to play Louisville. Oh I wish I could be there. So excited!!! I will be cheering right along with you on Saturday!!!

    Enjoy your blog!!

  9. Go Cats. I have been a wildcat fan since birth, a native of Lexington, and have two degrees from UK. I whole heartedly support this post :)


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