I am excited to have Michelle from Ten June here today for Friday Finds.  
Michelle and her husband are expecting their first baby and this is how she announced it on her blog.

Adorable, right?
And just yesterday, she announced the sex of the baby.  Can you guess?

Since my baby is five going on 15, I'm going to live vicariously through Michelle on this journey. 
I just know she's going to use her mad skills to whip up some amazing DIY projects for the nursery.

Hey hey, ORR peeps! I'm Michelle here, popping by from the blog Ten June.
I'm a big fan of thrift store and bargain shopping, so it's kind of hard for to pick my most favorite find... but I think I can narrow it down and deliver for you today.
About a year ago, I spotted two nesting tables on Craigslist. For... wait for it... $20.
Seriously! I made my poor mom go pick them up for me, since the seller was located near her office on the other side of Atlanta. But boy, was it worth it.
 After sanding down and painting these little guys, they've become the star of my living room!


The navy paint really fancied up my little tables, don't you think?
So there you have it! My favorite find. Thanks for having me, Andrea!

We all know I love a good deal,
and those nesting tables were certainly a good deal.
A big thanks to Michelle for participating!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.
The Kentucky Wildcats take on the Indiana Hoosiers tonight.
That is what I all basketball!  Can't wait to cheer on the CATS.


  1. i love michelle and love those tables- i remember when she was deciding what color to paint them. now that htey are having a boy, wouldn't they look cute in their new house next to a rocker? :)

  2. I'd love to have some nesting tables - I think they're such a smart purchase and look great in Michelle's home.

  3. Oh how I want some nesting tables!!! They look great!

  4. Quite the finds, Michelle!! Was hoping to do some thrifting today, but "life" happened. :) Maybe this weekend... happy Friday, ladies!

  5. Andrea,

    I am sitting here, blogging waiting for the game to start. I know Kentucky is going to win :) Great feature today and I love the way she announced she was pregnant :)


  6. I love that pregnancy announcement. I am heading over to check out her blog, now. We won, we won, we won. Next stop, tromping Baylor :)

  7. Such a cute announcement!! Great tables too!

  8. Thanks again for having me, Andrea! Love your sweet words about our little pea pod, makes me smile big! And by the way... I chose the blue tables for your Wildcats, of course... ; ) Ha!


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