A dear sweet friend of mine gave me a fabric remnant several months ago.  
She didn't have a use for it and she knows how much I love fabric.
I thought about using it to make pillows, perhaps mod podging some to the bottom of a tray, 
heck, I even tossed it on the floor and considered using it as a throw rug. 

In the end, I decided to use it for simple valances in our master bathroom.

Right now the fabric is just folded over, pinned and tacked to the molding above the windows.

I have always known these windows needed something. 
I was just waiting for some FABULOUS AND FREE fabric to show up on my doorstep.

This was our previous window treatment.  We just had these windows replaced last week. 
Until then, it was quite drafty in the bathroom. Even though it has been a mild winter, one cold windy day in December, I had had enough and I tacked a blanket up over the window.  
Problem solved, at least temporarily!
(yes, sometimes I like to store painting supplies in the bathtub)

Personally I like the long term solution of brand new windows and a simple valance much better. 

I will get around to actually sewing them and hanging them properly soon.
And while I'm at it, I'll tackle this one too. 

This temporary window treatment was also addressed this week.  
Pictures to come soon.

How about you, do you like to live with things temporarily before committing?


  1. Where did you get the curtain/fabric in the last photo? I love this pattern and must find it! :)

  2. WOW! that fabric in the bathroom could not be more perfect! score 1 for andrea! :)

  3. I didn't mind the blanket treatment on the window, but do tell your spa secret to bathing with paint rollers? Fountain of youth?


  4. SCORE! That fabric looks awesome in there. And, would you mind if I periodically came over to use your fabulous tub? And yes, I definitely live with things unfinished before I commit. Right now my living room has mismatched lamps sitting on the console, my dining room has been turned upside down, and the master is the same story. I really need to work on one project at a time, but my scatter brain won't let that happen ;)

  5. I'm terrible with making decisions. I have to laugh at the blanket hung up there!!

  6. That is a winner! And yes, I live with things temporarily which often turns into semi permanent!!!!

  7. This piece is beautiful and it looks fantastic hung just the way you have it! I don't sew so I have done a lot of crazy things with curtains!


  8. Fabulous and free is the way to go!! Love how it came out - can't believe that it's just pinned up there! It looks magnificent.

  9. The fabric looks great in your bathroom! I do the exact same thing. We've had fabric swatches draped over cabinet doors blinds in our kitchen for a month now, and I still haven't decided what to use for curtains. There are sooo many patterns I like, and it's too hard to decide!

  10. I definitely like to live with something a little before committing! It prevents that regret that comes from a rash decision. Looks great though, I think you'll love them!

  11. A lovely bathroom!! I make too many rash decisions, especially in the early morning before work. I get up to see hubby off at 6 am. I don't start getting ready until 8 am. I have two hours to read blogs and emails...half asleep. I purchase things online for my home because it's pretty. Then, when it arrives, I am so angry with myself. I was going for a particular look. What was I thinking (as a hit forehead and having a duh moment.) So, I had MUCH rather live with indecision that rash purchases. Great post...lovely pictures!

  12. The new window treatment looks great.

    I love the piece holding your towels. Please share a source.

  13. Wow.....the valance looks awesome in your bathroom. I'm in love with your tub and tile floor, as well. It all blends beautifully. Great job!

  14. those window treatments (the first chevron ones) are gorgeous! Well they all are but especially those!

  15. Everything I do tends to be temporary, I end up changing it so much! But those look great!

  16. You can't beat fabulous and free! It looks great, your bathroom is so soothing and gorgeous. I love the red stripes you're using in the powder room too...how fun.

  17. Andrea,

    Don't you just love free! It is one of my very favorite words. My other favorite word is fabulous....both are perfect for your project! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Have a great weekend!


  18. Love that fabric - it's like a modified chevron! I can't sew a stitch so this is my kind of window treatment! I wouldn't just live with it for awhile - I'd live with it forever!

  19. The perfect touch. I think it looks awesome.


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