I am excited to have Crissy from House of Marlowe here today to share her favorite find. 
Not only does Crissy have killer style, but she also happens to be one of the sweetest people I know.  
She lives a short distance from me and recently went through a major house renovation. 

I'll let her tell you more about it.....

Hello everyone!  So happy to be visiting over here today for Andrea’s fun series “Friday Finds”.  
As a non-thrifter or DIY’er (I know...... sad, but true); I’m literally in a perpetual state of awe at the projects she and many of her followers tackle!  In what seems to be a never-ending supply of found treasures and DIY projects........ that piano, those chairs, artwork, curtains......Andrea works magic bringing new life to otherwise forgotten pieces.  And because I’ve actually been to her home, I can testify that she’s definitely got the knack for creating inspirational spaces; cleverly combining both 
the new and old..... it’s every bit as lovely and stylish as she is!  
So, even though I’m not the least bit crafty, I still know a good thing when I see it; and my favorite find is a big one:  our home.  As with all the best discoveries, this one was completely unexpected.  On a leisurely drive home the week before Christmas back in 2003; I spotted a “For Sale” sign and drove down the street to check it out.  We were not in the market for a new home but you know how that goes.  My husband was a good sport and we went to check it out the day after Christmas..... and while by most folks standards the exterior and interior finishes were dated and wanting (isn’t that a key component of thrifting?); I felt right at home.  We moved in February 2004.  Here she is:

We lived there quite happily pink tiled bathroom, green tiled kitchen, stick on linoleum floor; 
water in the basement and all for 5 years until 2009 (having added our second child and with 
another on the way) when we finalized plans for a whole house renovation and addition.  
Here’s what it looked like during:

And finally after a year of living elsewhere; we returned home in May 2010:

What I love reading about other folks’ projects and such is the creativity and personality that is 
reflected in the final product and how it contributes to the overall feeling of warmth in a home...... 
and I have to say that our home is that reflection of our family......
right down to the tree swing that I hope to see my grandchildren swinging on one day.
And here is the part where I’m supposed to tell you that we did it all for some ridiculously 
small sum that often goes along with calling something a “find” but that is not the case.  
However, that’s ok because we are “ridiculously” happy here.
Thanks again Andrea!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend 
and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!
That is some find!  Crissy shows snip-its of her beautiful home on her blog, House of Marlowe
but she is definitely holding back.  She and her family are getting ready to embark on a huge adventure.  
They will be moving to Switzerland for three years.  I can't wait to follow along on their journey. 
Maybe I can persuade her to let me give you guys a tour of her lovely home before they depart. 


  1. wow! what an amazing transformation. off to check out more. i always feel lucky that we found our house too.

  2. Well I'm just going to have to browse around Crissy's blog some more because I had no idea about this renovation - it's beautiful Crissy! I would spend many many years in this home - enjoy it!

  3. I cannot believe that is the same house! What a stunner now! I'm off to go check her out :)

  4. That is some find! Love how that transformed it into a real beauty!! Gorgeous.

  5. How fun you two got to meet, I'm totally envious! Crissy is one of my favorites too, incredibly sweet and killer taste!

  6. Oh, what a beautiful home! It must be heavenly to live in a house that is exactly how you want it to be.

  7. oh my wow! that home is just stunning! i can't wait til we need a new roof so we can paint our home!

  8. Stunning! We lived through our renovation....and lived in the house during it...which was like camping.
    I need to add this house to my to do of "one's to illustrate!"


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