A few weeks ago, we had scenes for a commercial filmed at our house.  
The commercial was for a regional tourism company and it has been airing 
during Reds baseball games.  My husband actually saw it air last week. 
I missed all the action!  
I took our little one to the museum the day of the filming to make sure we were not in the way. 

It was a flurry of activity with lights, cameras, sound equipment, and actors.
The woman in the orange shirt and the man in the blue shirt were the "stars" of the commercial. 

I came home as they were wrapping up this scene.  They did about 20 takes!

They used our family room as the wardrobe room.

After a scene was shot in the kitchen, it became the hair and make-up room.

And as always, there were plenty of snacks to share.  That is my kids' favorite part!

The crew of about 20 people arrived at 11:00 a.m. that day 
and they were gone by 4:30 p.m. the same afternoon. 
I tried to find a link to the commercial on-line, but was unsuccessful.  
I guess I will have to DVR a few Reds games to catch it.


  1. My kids would love the snack table too! How fun to see your home on tv!

  2. That is so cool! I love the idea of using you house... it is beautiful!

  3. Now how cool is that to be part of! Next time insist they include one of your kids or at least the dog.


  4. Too fun! You'll have to make a video of the commercial for us and tell us how it came about!

  5. How neat! I want to know how they found your house to use in the first place?? How cool!

  6. No way!!! That is so cool! Oh my gosh, you've got to DVR it so we can all see! Smart of them to use your house, it's fabulous :)

  7. Well, how cool is that! :) I'm not sure exactly where you live, but I am guessing on the Kentucky side of the Cincy area. ;) I live in Virginia but we get the MLB package through our satelite and watch all of the Reds games on Fox Sports Net Ohio. So, would that be the channel the commercial is airing? If so I'll look for it. ;)

  8. That's pretty sweet! What a compliment to your beautiful house!

  9. Your house is becoming quite the celebrity! :) ...... and funding fun projects I'm sure!

  10. You absolutely need to find and post that commercial! Can't wait to see your house "in action" ...



  11. What fun! Isn't it amazing how much goes in behind the scenes for 30 seconds of action! Thanks for sharing.


  12. Ok, so I'm going to be the nosy one, how did you guys get picked to be host for the commercial? That is so fun!

  13. you lucky girl! how exciting it must have been for you hubby to see that.

  14. Cool - what a fun behind the scenes look! I can say I knew your house when!

  15. I will totally be looking for it! How cool is that?


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