This week's Field Trip Friday is a combination of a few stores I visited in Nashville last week.  
The lovely Kathy, from My Interior Life, gave me some tips about a few great shopping spots. 
If you don't already follow Kathy's blog, you will want to.  
She has a great eye for design and she finds some of the most unique items. 

First stop, 8th Avenue Antique Mall...

I could kick myself for not buying this mirror.  
It was only $35 and I have been thinking about it ever since.

However, if I found the right mirror, I suppose I could create my own with a little black paint.

I spotted this little box for $9 as soon as I walked in 
and I meant to go back for it before I left and I forgot.  Darn it!

I contemplated buying this old typewriter table for $50.  
It could have made an interesting night stand or end table.  

So I'm back to my door search because some schmuck went and bought one of the two doors
I was hoping to buy back home in Cincinnati at the Wooden Nickel.  
I know, it's not like the doors I hadn't yet purchased had my name on them, but they belonged to me!
Oh well, the search continues.  
These doors were really cool, but they were not tall enough and they were $800.

My next stop was The Preservation Station.  
This place wasn't on my list of suggested stores, but I drove past it several times and I just had to go in.   
They had tons of old doors.  The really great ones were pretty pricey and darn heavy!

None of these worked with my dimensions, but I loved them all.

There were a few prospects in the back room, but the prices were not that great and I would had to explain to my husband that the kids weren't going to fit in the car  because I bought some old doors. 
He's a pretty laid back guy and normally goes along with most all of my ridiculous ideas, 
but I have a feeling he may have drawn the line here.  

They had some amazing old windows too.  These arched windows came from an old courthouse.

Vintage doorknobs galore!

They had tons of beautiful antique lighting.  This petite little thing caught my eye. 

As did this old school house pendant. That's the real deal people, no reproductions here.

My last stop was a great little fabric store, called Fabric Gallery and Decor, Inc.
Almost every fabric in stock was $10.95 or below.  
I left with 7 yards of this classic khaki and white houndstooth.  
It looks a little green in this picture, but it's khaki.  
I'll show you next week what I plan to do with it. 

I had two full days all by myself in Nashville while my husband worked.  
I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun I had exploring and shopping 
(oh and I may have gotten a bed sore from all the sleeping I did too).
I should tag along on his business trips more often. 

We have a pretty relaxing long weekend ahead and I can't wait to do a lot of NOTHING!
I hope you have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. 
Any big plans?


  1. How fun that you got to get out and do some shopping on your own! Mmm...my favorites are that typewriter table and the lighting. And I can't wait to see what you do with the fabric - I love houndstooth! Have a great weekend - we don't have much planned either which is great (just lots on the to-do list).

  2. Oh man, that place with all the doors and knobs looks awesome!

  3. $35 for that mirror?? I love it!

    Staying in the neighborhood for the weekend and plan on spending lots of time at the pool with some type of alcohol. Have a great weekend!

  4. LOVE the mirror and those doors, especially the black ones. This excursion is totally my kind of thing!

  5. That looks like a fabulous shop - I can't believe the door and window selection!! You will find the right doors, I just know it! *our* dream will come true of you having barn doors!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  6. What fun. Love all the old doors and those light fixtures are fabulous.

  7. Isn't it funny how some places sell old doors dirt cheap and others price them out of the park? I have two school house real deal lights from our old building..... do tell what the price was on that one if you remember.


  8. Looks like some fun thrifting adventure, I'll know just where to go should I ever find myself in Nashville! I hate when you see something, don't buy it and then dream about it..... Happened to me on my Kalamazoo adventure last week-end!


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