Okay, I'll admit it, the mudroom is my favorite room in the house.  There, I said it!
I spent 90% of my time in the kitchen, but I'm partial to the mudroom.  
We had a mudroom in our previous home and a nice big mudroom 
was at the top of our "must have" list when we were house hunting. 

When we bought our house, there was no mudroom.  So we created one.
The mudroom used to be a sunporch that was added on to the end of our house at some point. 
We took out all the old crank out windows, burnt orange carpet and paneling.
The sunporch was long and narrow 
so we ended up dividing it into two different rooms, the mudroom and the office
The mudroom accounts for about 60% of the space and the other 40% is the office. 

This is one hard working room.  
All five of us (plus usually 3-4 extra kids) come in and out of this room many time a day.
Shoes, backpacks, groceries, roller blades, basketballs, baseballs, dirty cleats, light sabers,
 I-pods and cell phones all end up in this room. 
The walls were getting pretty banged up and dirty and I was ready for a change. 

So very slyly, I made a trip to the paint store and came back with a sample.  
I slapped some up on the walls in several different spots and waited. 
I waited until my husband said, "well, it looks like the mudroom is getting painted."
Okay, if you say so, honey!

Introducing, Foggy Day (Sherwin Williams)

Since all of the other paint colors in our home are light, 
I wanted something a little dramatic (and dark to hide the dirt and mud).

I was worried a dark color would make the room too dark, 
but with all the natural light coming in and the contrasting white wood work, it's not dark at all.

The beach towels are ready and waiting for the pool to open this weekend. 

A few reminders for the kids before they walk out the door in the morning.

This is the pantry door. 

And the doorway leading to the kitchen.

I am on the hunt for a rug.  Something durable and able to hide dirt. 

Only four more days and we can retire the backpacks for the summer. 

Before the room was a mudroom, it looked like this....

After it became a mudroom, it looked like this....

Now it looks like this....


  1. I love the color you chose for your mudroom. I also like the big chalkboard in the space, i may need to think that one for mine!

  2. Can I just tell you how much I love this room and want to steal it and put it in my own house? It's so big, so pretty and so FUNCTIONAL. A must have for a family home if you ask me. :-). The new color is great! The contrast with the built-ins is gorgeous. Good choice!

  3. Love the new color..... so nice to have so much space in there! I can't wait for summer too!

  4. i love the color and the chalkboard- so organized!!! i am hoping we can add a mudroom to our home one day.

  5. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your mudroom!! The colour looks great!!!

  6. The new color is so beautiful! What a transformation from where you originally started!

  7. Oooh, the new color is fabulous! I am thinking dark paint is a must for our mudroom area as well. I'm in love with your mudroom, the bench, the hooks, the large area....nice job making it into something functional and beautiful!

  8. I love it and am BEYOND jealous! So lovely and functional. It's my dream to have a mudroom...someday.

  9. I too am in love with my mudroom - if we didn't have them, could you imagine the clutter that would accumulate in the rest of the house!

    Love the dark blue - I went super dark too and it does help hide the scuffs and dings from all the tossing around of 50 lb backpacks!

    What an amazing after!

  10. I love the color and it's so functional.

  11. beautiful new color! I'm so jealous of this space. I'd love a mudroom just to have a landing area for our stuff!! very pretty.

  12. This looks awesome! I'm jealous of how large it is! And I have a burning need to know what the clips are for. Looks nice and organized. :)

  13. I'm so jealous!!! I can't tell you how badly I want a real mudroom! The new color is fabulous, and I can't get over how awesome all of your cubbies and hooks are :)

  14. What a great space! It would be my favorite room too! Love the new color!

  15. what a fantastic room! this reminds me that I really should get on painting my mudroom =)

  16. That is literally the nicest mud room I have ever seen...

  17. I love love love it!! I want a mud room! i love that bench below the backpacks and the wire baskets and the huge chalkboard!

  18. The paint color is great! Since you are so crafts, you should consider painting your own rug.

    Supplies here: http://www.dickblick.com/items/07307-1005/?wmcp=google&wmcid=items&wmckw=07307-1005

    Ideas here: http://canvasworksfloorcloths.com/gallery-1/

    Good luck!

  19. I love it Andrea - mudroom is on our wishlist for our next house. You've got so much great space in that area too. Thanks so much for the tour - I need to check out the rest of your house tour and catch up.

  20. Could you tell me anything about your tile? We are building a mud room in our addition & I think what we are leaning towards is similar to yours.

  21. I like the new color. Mine is painted brown for the very reason you describe - camouflage the dirt!


  22. Not dark at all. Just a lovely dramatic entry point!

  23. What a great mud room. It's huge. We are a couple of weeks away from breaking down walls to remodel our kitchen and add a mud room, which I agree, is essential with kids and pets. Right now in our old house the most used entrance leads right into our kitchen. It's driving me nuts. I wish we had the square footage you do, but we are taking space from an attached in-law apartment so hopefully we'll be able to incorporate many of the same amenities you have in yours. The large framed black board is my favorite touch and I think I know just the wall to put one on. I can't wait to really dive into your blog and see all the other upgrades. Your fellow "Money Pit" owner.


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