You know how when you make one change, it leads to another change, and then another change and then so on and so on until your kind and patient husband finally inquires "When will it ever stop?"

Truth be told, honey, NEVER!!!  And how about we call them improvements, rather than changes.  
Okay, good, works for me too.

I mentioned back in this post that I thought my dining area needed a rug.  

Well, I found one, in the family room.
It really does ground the space nicely and it seems more inviting to me. 

I also had a change of heart about this rug that was in our foyer.  
I love the rug, but it was clearly not meant for a foyer in a house with three kids. 
Deep down I knew it when I bought it, but I was really hoping it would work out.
When you have to politely ask people to walk around the rug, not on it, 
you know it's time to make a change, I mean improvement. 

This was my temporary improvement.  I found it at Homegoods and I thought it would be perfectly.
Most importantly, it's the color of dirt, it is durable and it has a fun stripes in it. 

I lived with it for a month or so and then one day I decided it would look better on the back porch. 
So off it went.

 Now my foyer is rug free, as is my family room.  I can live without a rug in the foyer for a while, but I need to get on my family room rug search pronto.  It's just not cozy at all in that room without a rug. 

Here are a few I am eyeing:

I love this neutral chevron rug from West Elm....
I am also digging this sweater rug from West Elm....
Although with the couch being brown, this one might be a tad dark.
I also think the Pottery Barn Chunky Wool and Natural Jute rug would be a good option.

Let me sum it up for you, as my husband summed it up for me - now we need two rugs, one for the foyer and one for the family room.  My reply - yes, but now we don't need one for the dining area or the back porch.  Don't you like how I take the "glass half full" approach!

 How about you, making any changes improvements in your home?


  1. You are too funny! You have good taste in rugs. I like that neutral chevorn from West Elm….I've been eyeing that one too! This is like me moving all our furniture down to the basement! Now we have an empty living room, but I keep reminding my husband, our basement is fully furnished!

  2. Musical rugs - my favorite game! Love that chevron rug from WE - the great thing about it is it would work with any decor! ;)

  3. love the WE rug too. Happy Wednesday!


  4. Love the WE rug. Oh. and I never knew rug shopping was supposed to end. I thought it just went on and on forever :)

  5. I'm thinking of doing some rug rearrangement this summer... as in moving my living room rug (the only real rug in the house) into my dining room under the table, which has been empty of a rug for 5 years now. My stupid chihuahua can't hold herself while we're at work and ALWAYS goes on the living room rug. I'm hoping that with it being under the dining room table and crowded with a table and chairs, she won't find it so appealing. She'll also be living in a crate once summer is over because of her bad habits. But that leaves my living room rugless and me without any money to go buy one.... so I'll be spending my summer looking out for some at Home Goods, Marshalls, and all those other thrifty stores. Good luck with your rug hunt. I'd go with the first one... it's very similar to someone else's blog post about their rugs and how they love the subtle chevron pattern.

  6. I just went through a similar experience and was looking at the SAME possibilites for a new living room rug! If you have a West Elm near you, you should go check out the chevron rug. I also LOVED the pattern, but was incredibly surprised by how VERY THIN it is in person. It is like a dhurrie. I was looking for something more durable so actually ended up ordering the Pottery Barn Chunky Wool & Natural Jute; however, still waiting for it on backorder. Just thought I'd give you my two cents.

  7. The rug is fabulous in the DR! I'm liking the chevron to replace it in the FR, nice textural pattern! You did an excellent job of justifying/explaining to your husband!!!! Further discussion should include the value of making such flexible purchases, endless options for future re-arranging!!!

  8. you crack me up! I love how the other one looks though in the dining room so good choice in moving it there.

  9. This made me laugh, as we're having a rug 'discussion' right now! My husband just said, "Where are these rugs going? What are with ones rolled up? I thought you picked out a rug? Why are we moving the ones we have?" Ha! I LOVE yours in the dining room, wish you lived closer I'd invite you over to play!

  10. Hehehe! That's so my approach with my husband. I bought a rug for the patio and said, " You will never believe the price I was able to snag this rug for! An unbelievably cheap $60!!! Way to go me for saving us some money!". Had I not said anything i would have heard, "So how much did this cost us? What??? You spent $60 on a rug!". Love your first choice from WE, and am amazed at how different your dining room looks with that rug - gorgeous!

  11. Nothing wrong with a little rug rearranging - and I love the rug in the dining room. What a change! And that rug that you picked up at Homegoods would be perfect for a client I'm working with - I need to tell her to check that out and that hopefully that rug made its way up to PA! HA!

  12. Lol, those hubbies, always causing trouble! What did yo do with the coral rug? Loving the chevron rug from WE.

  13. Haha, your response was brilliant! You and I are a lot alike. But my hubby usually catches on too. ;)

  14. I love the rug in your dining room. Where did you get it?


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