The new rug I ordered from Joss and Main for the foyer arrived on Friday and I was so excited, 
I had to stop everything to drag it in inside and put it in place. I'm impatient like that!  

I am always a bit nervous to order anything sight unseen.  
You never know if the colors on your screen are going to appear the same in person.  
Fortunately, the rug is exactly as I had hoped. 
It fits the space perfectly and the colors are spot on!

Here's a view from the foyer looking into the living room and kitchen.

This view is from just inside the front door, looking into the kitchen with a peek into the living room. 

I love the way the chevron pattern varies in width

The colors really help marry this space with the rest of the first floor.  

A view from the living room. (Ignore the pile of junk on the stairs). 

Another view from the living room.  (Also ignore that mirror, I'll get to that later this week)!

Even my little guy likes it!

I hope you all have a Happy 4th of July. 
I am looking forward to celebrating with friends and family.
Keep cool and be safe!


  1. I love it! You couldn't have found a better rug if you tried - it looks like it was made for your space. Great find! I love Joss & Main!

  2. yeah, it could really not be any more perfect for that space. SHAZAM, my friend!

  3. Love that rug & it seems to incorporate all the colors on your main floor! Great find!

  4. that rug was made for that space. i always have rug commitment issues--glad yours works so beautifully!

  5. I love it! The colors in are amazing. I so need one of those of my foyer.

  6. It's beautiful - love it! It does tie it all together too! Love when an online purchase works out perfectly!

  7. The colors are perfect Andrea! It really brings the entire first floor together and sets the color mood. Nice eye girl. Happy 4th to you and the family!

  8. Since I seem to inherit all of your old rugs, please hurry and tire of this one before chevron patterns are over and done with!

  9. Looks fantastic! Love that when an online shopping buy works out :)

  10. Love it! Great pattern on it and goes with every room you see from the foyer! Happy 4th too!

  11. It seriously couldn't be anymore perfect!!! I love when that happens :)

  12. It's like you had it specially loomed just for your foyer, just to go with your color scheme - AMAZING! And quite lovely.

  13. I'm the last person to give any decorating advice. At one point I had a pile of rugs for two different spots and none of them looked right. I'd say however, the one you picked looks perfect.


  14. It's beautiful. I ordered a rug from Joss and Main for my bedroom. I had good luck too!

    Happy Fourth.

  15. Andrea, I can't believe how perfect this rug is for your house! The colors and the size - it's like it was made for you!!! Love it.


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