A big perk of my job is having to shop.  I know, tortuous, right?  
Sometimes as I'm slipping out the door and the kids are asking where I'm going, 
I quickly reply, "Mommy's going to work."
And sometimes, that means, mommy's going to Homegoods or an antique store or a thrift store, 
all in the name of "WORK"!
A few weeks ago, while I was "working", I came upon this great sunburst mirror.
I originally bought it for a client.  
It didn't work out for the client's project, but it sure worked out in my living room.

I loved the rustic look of it and the size was perfect for a blank wall 
I have been living with for a couple of years now. 

It helps bring some light to this little corner of the living room.
However, the dark finish felt a little heavy with the dark piano and the dark frame.
So what do you think I did? 

Yep, you know me too well.  I broke out the good ole' Rub N' Buff!

I actually had to purchase my second tube of Rub N' Buff for this project.  
My first tube lasted for many, many, many projects.  

Seriously, when is Amaco going to contact me to do an infomercial for Rub N' Buff?
I'll have my cell phone on all day tomorrow just in case.

I am digging this corner now.  
And how about this view, 
my new favorite corner with a reflection of my other favorite corner. 

Wait until you see what else I Rub N' Buffed. 
I know no boundaries when it comes to that stuff.  
I'll share next week. 

In the meantime, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.  
My daughter turns a decade old next week and I simply can't believe it.
I'll be spending the weekend resting up for her slumber party on Sunday night.

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  1. fantastic photo staging! and i may have to go get some of that rub n buff....i don't have anything to use it on right now, but i'm sure it will come in handy. :)

  2. Seriously, you should be getting paid for advertising the rub-n-buff :D Mirror looks so amazing!!!

  3. I want your job, haha! Love the easy change to the mirror - it looks great!

  4. I've never tried the Rub N' Buff product but I've been tempted many times - this might give me the push to really try it. I love what it did to your mirror. I picked up a lantern last week for a client and hoping she likes it - we'll see.

  5. And I forgot to mention - have a great weekend! A sleepover sounds like so much fun but you will need to rest up for that. Enjoy!

  6. Your mirror looks great and I'm so sorry about your boy. His little face is precious! Hope he heals up quickly!

  7. I to am having a Rub-n-Buff love fest ... also used it on my sunburst recently and on a linen matt around artwork! Somehow I do think sunbursts are suppose to be golden and I love how yours brightens the corner and provides a nice contrast with the wood on the piano, looks great with the sofa color too.


  8. You should definitely be the Rub N Buff spokesperson! I love sunburst mirrors but yours is now glitzed and glammed to the max and ready for her close up!

    Thanks for joining our Color party!

  9. Hey awesomeness :)

    I love Rub N Buff. I didn't know the tube ran out, though. I thought it just kept going and going :)

    You are such a rock star!

    PS Thanks for linking up to the party!

  10. ANDREA! I need to get me some rub and buff ... the perfect upgrade to the mirror. I hope you have been well. :) Thank you so much for linking up to our party!! :)

  11. Love the rub and buffed version ... and this is the second rub and buff post I've come across today ... I think the universe is telling me to get some rub and buff!

    Thank you so much for sharing at our Crazy for Color link party!



  12. Hi Andrea,

    I was wondering what colour of Rub n Buff you use? Did I miss that?


  13. I love it so much better! That stuff is incredible!


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