When I started this blog back in January, 2011, I had a fancy camera, but I didn't know how to use it.  
I posted about our kitchen back then here and here.  When I look back at those photos, I cringe.  

Fast forward to July, 2012, I still have that fancy camera and I still don't know how to use it, 
but I starting to figure it out, SLOWLY!

For the next several weeks, I will attempt to post a "Take Two" on a room in our home.
"Take Two" obviously means "Second Take" not two photos.  You guys got that, right?
Of course, you did, just wanted to be crystal clear.
I will also update our Home Tour with these pictures.

I decided to start "Take Two" in the kitchen.
I was able to practice my barely improved photography skills yesterday.  
I still have a lot to learn, but I did manage to get some decent shots of the space.

Since this is the most used room in our home, 
it is hard for me to shoo everyone out and clean it up enough to take pictures.  
The stars aligned for me yesterday 
and my kids may or may not have watched a bit too much TV during my little photo session.

This island gets used and abused and I am so glad 
I went with a dark stain rather than the white cabinet color here. 

I picked up these cute glass jars at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago for $1 each.  
The daisies came from my front yard. They make me happy!

 The Sonoma Bookshelf from Ballard Design with some more clippings from the yard.

A little peek into the dining area and the family room. 

The 8 foot long bench I purchased from Scott's Antique Market in Columbus.  

The countertops are granite and the color is delicatus white.  

This hard working room really is the heart of our home. 
Many good times have been shared with family and friends gathered around this island.
I look forward to many more!

Is your kitchen the heart of your home?


  1. It looks great and I am jealous you are learning about your camera! We are in the middle of a kitchen upgrade and I can't wait to share! Enjoy your summer!

  2. I enjoyed the tour--you have a gorgeous kitchen! Can't wait to see more shots of your home:)

  3. I love seeing more shots of your kitchen, Andrea. It's beautiful…your choices were so timeless and it all works so well together…the countertops, backsplash, cabinetry colors, lighting. You must LOVE this huge space!

  4. Your house is so beautiful! I love a white kitchen and those couple of little pops of color are wonderful.

  5. your kitchen is so gorgeous- a dream come true!

  6. I've always loved your kitchen!! It's absolutely a dream kitchen. I also got a fancy camera last year and have not practiced or really spent time figuring it out. I must say that you did a fantastic job of re-taking these pics of the kitchen!! The befores were good, but these afters look so professional!! Well done. :)

  7. Your kitchen is beautiful! i have been looking for plates about the size and shape of the 3 you have hanging by the Ballard shelves. Would you mind telling the pattern?

  8. Hi Andrea! Gorgeous photos! They're really well done. Your kitchen is my DREAM. Where is your baker's rack from? SWOOOOOON!

  9. Looks great Andrea! I love your collection of white earthenware on your baker's rack.

  10. Love love love you kitchen! May I ask what color your cabinet hardwares are? I can't tell if they're bronze or nickel.

  11. Andrea -- question about your use of space. I read that you swapped the old dining room for the kitchen space and the small kitchen space for the dining room. Do you miss a bigger dining room for the family holidays? We too have a small kitchen and a little bit bigger dining room. I am considering doing the same thing but unsure if I will be happy in the long run. I love your house. It is beautiful.

  12. Andrea, gorgeous!!! I don't really think I've seen photos of your kitchen, so these are awesome. My favorite shot is the 4th one from the bottom - that's a great one. I love that you went with the darker wood on island but the same countertops. It's so nice and open - I can see why this is the heart of your home. Our kitchen area is the heart as well. This makes me really want to update my photos as well.

  13. Your kitchen is awesome, so I don't mind looking at it twice... and more than two photos. (Personal fav is the delicatus white).


  14. Let's just get this out of the way first.....your kitchen is so pretty. Now for the photography....very good!!! I have been twirling around the idea of getting a better camera....it is just more directions and another thing to learn....not sure I am up for it!


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