I had a weak moment a few weeks ago and started thinking about getting a new puppy.  
I thought, I'll just do a little research and see what kind of dog we might want, if we ever get one. 
Well, my friends, that was exactly two weeks ago.  I would like to introduce you to Willee. 

He is an 8 week old mini goldendoodle.  Full grown, he should weigh between 30-35 pounds. 
I went to pick him up today and surprised the kids when they came home from school.
My daughter was so happy she cried.

This little guy has a new best friend. 

I think Willee was a little worn out from all the excitement. 

By the way, we named him after my father and my father-in-law.  
My father's name is William and my father-in-law's name is Leroy (goes by Lee)
We put them together and came up with Willee.

It has been a long time since we have had a puppy in the house.  
I'm sure things will be a little crazy for a while, but with all the kids in school, 
I think I'm ready to take care of someone else.

We love him already!


  1. he is ADORABLE!!!!! saw him in instagram and fb yesterday and was just drooling- too cute! and look at those happy faces!

  2. Congrats on the new addition! He is just adorable & I love the name! Do you mind sharing where you picked up this precious pup? I am in the Cincinnati area and this is exactly the kind of dog I am considering. I would love a source for a good breeder.

    1. Same here! Also in the Cincy area and looking for a small, non-shedding dog! I love Golden Doodles, but they're a larger breed that I was looking for. But a mini would be perfect!

    2. email me at dsurrey@insightbb.com and I'll give you her information.

  3. super cute! He must be crossed with a smaller poodle? Most Doodles that I've seen are more on the 60 lb range, but are standard poodle with retreiver (lab or golden). Love the breed, and love that they usually don't shed (at least 2nd or 3rd generation doodles aren't supposed to =)

  4. Oh he's soo soo adorable!!! We love our goldendoodle,she's such a great dog! Love that you surprised the kids and that your daughter cried. What a sweet memory!

  5. Oh he's adorable! I've heard great things about golden doodles... your kids must be in heaven!

  6. Absolutely darling! Congrats on your newest family member!

  7. So so adorable! Congratulations on your new addition to the family. I am a huge fan of the doodles. We have a labradoodle. We got him when he was just a baby and could not be happier. He has brought so much joy into our lives. Willee is just precious and what fun you will all have!

  8. He's so adorable!! How could you say no to that face!!! Enjoy your newest family member - your kids look SO happy!

  9. He's so adorable, such a sweet face, my daughter surprised her two girls today with a new pup...I'll be posting about her soon!

  10. He is SOOO cute Andrea - I'd eat him up and snuggle him up all the time. Congrats on your newest addition to the house - looks like the kids are in love. Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  11. oh my gracious! he is caYUTE! i'm sure your dad and father in law are honored - hahahah!! can't wait to see how he keeps your house hopping! stock up on paper towels and alcohol!

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