First I want to say thanks for all the kind comments 
about my new favorite spot to hang out, the back porch.  
You guys sure know how to get yourselves invited over.  
Come on, any time, bring wine!

I may have mentioned, a few hundred times, 
that all three of my children are in school all day long. 
There are several thousand projects I have been putting off 
for, oh well, let's just say, 10 years. 

I am one of those people that needs to keep busy.
And busy is exactly what  I have been for the last week. 
Yesterday I was busy hanging this wooden wine storage rack
in the laundry room, of course.  Where else would one hang a wine rack?

I bought it, earlier this year, at, you guessed it, a thrift store.  
I had no idea what I planned to do with it, but I thought it could come in handy. 
I would call this pretty handy!

Our second floor lacks a linen closet and so our laundry room is the only space to store everything.

There are a few cabinets over the washer and dryer and several shelfs tucked into the corner.
I was starting to run out of room.

So I hung the wine rack here to hold extra hand towels.
I hung it just above the sock graveyard. 

It also serves as a spot to hang clothes to dry. 

I suppose I could stick a few bottles of wine in there as well.  
Seems like a little glass of wine every now and then 
could possibly make doing the laundry less dreadful.

Surely I'm not the only one with a wine rack in the laundry room, right?
Come on, fess up!


  1. What a clever idea, Andrea..... love it and it looks great!

  2. that is such a smart idea and a great space saver!

  3. Lve the idea! I don't have a wine rack but i do have some less lovely items like kitty litter, paint cans, vaporizer, play dough and eveything else that doesn't have a home! You really seem to be on a roll!

  4. Too creative!! Great use of vertical space and a fun twist!

  5. you can not understand the degree of jealousy I feel with all 3 kids in school lol. I have one full time in school, one 2 days a week (kindergarten) and one 6 month old. I'll be 44 by the time the youngest is in full day, grade 1. ugh!!! lol. Ah well, I do love having my little munchkins home, too, so I'm going to enjoy every second I can (while counting down to day of freedom hehe). Enjoy your time!!

  6. Great idea, I love the wood it's made of! That sock graveyard is pretty genius too...

  7. What a GREAT idea!
    Thanks for sharing :O)

  8. Wait, the sock graveyard is the best part of all of this - that is hilarious! But so clever.

  9. Great idea, but I have to say, the sock graveyard is my favorite. Gotta get dressed now. Where is that other...................

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