We are still living the good life right now in Michigan.  
We have had one adventure after another and I know this is one vacation we will always remember.

Yesterday we tackled the famous Sleeping Bear Dunes.  
I'll recap the trip for you when we get home, but this was certainly a highlight. 

We are staying in a chalet in woods and we have spotty TV coverage. 
Normally, that would be okay with me, but we are all dying to catch some of the Olympics. 
At night, when everyone is completely exhausted from the day's activities, 
we settle in to cheer on Team USA.  My kids are slightly obsessed with the gymnastics competition. 
Yesterday, while climbing the giant sand dunes, they decided to start training for the Olympics.

Ready, set, jump!!!

Lookout below....

Finally running out of steam.....

I'm thinking 2020 might be their year!
Oh, and believe it or not, no one was harmed during this extreme training session.

What's your favorite Olympic sport to watch?  


  1. I love swimming/diving and of course gymnastics!

  2. Looks like some real potential there! :) Glad you are having a great time..... Watching the Olympics in French is not nearly as fun but we've had our eyes on the swimming competition. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  3. Looks like they have a good start on their training. I love all of the Olympics. :)

  4. Andrea, your kids are beautiful! I wish I had their energy! I really enjoyed the Olympics this year. I watched a lot of the events, but I most impressed with Women's Run/Walk. Did you see the ab muscles on those ladies?!


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