Remember this plan.....

It is so close to being finished.....
The last piece of the puzzle was to find the perfect art to frame either side of the fireplace.
As the talented Jenny from Little Green Notebook put it, buying art for a client is like buying lingerie for a friend.  
It's very personal. 

I feel the same way. There's something about adding unique artwork 
or personal photos to a space that make it feel, well, unique and personal.  
Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop for art, but after striking out on Etsy for this project, 
I suggested to my client that she grab her camera and hit the town.

That's precisely what she did.  
Well, actually she turned the assignment into a fun date with her husband 
and they explored the city snapping pictures along the way.

Here's what they came up with.....

I was very impressed! I gave her an A+ on the assignment. 
Looking forward to sharing the completed room with you very soon. 

What's your take on art?  Do you prefer it to be personal and unique?


  1. They snagged some great pics. I can't wait to see how everything looks together. I'm so excited about the blue and orange!

  2. Cool! I love this idea and what a fun date. Etsy is my go-to but I also love scouring my Mom's collection of treasures and of course the thrift and consignment stores too. Looking forward to seeing this room come together!

  3. what a fab idea! i definitely think art needs to be personal unique and fun! the only "art" we have in the house are a painting my mom gave my dad on their 1st anniversary...2 prints from our hometown and a fraternity print! otherwise it's pictures of family and friends - they make us smile

  4. Art is DEFINITELY personal and unique! I wouldn't have it any other way! Although my art choices change over time as well. We have some great artwork we've purchased at art auctions in the past, but I find myself loving photography too. I guess that's what makes it so personal and unique, right?

  5. i love that idea for a date and for the room! and i love the rest of the board and cannot wait to see it!

  6. Great photos with a unique perspective, they should add a wonderful personal touch to the space. And yes, I tend to go personal with art, its my home and it should reflect my / our life. Doesn't mean the art has to be all DIY (although that's definitely a way to make it personal). Looking forward to seeing the completed room.



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