As I mentioned here, I was itching to start collecting something.  
Once I settled on the "something" I wanted to collect, the hunt began. 

Here are my first three finds.

The small emerald green vase in the front was found at a thrift store. 
I bought the two taller ones in the back at a local outdoor antique show.

Until I have enough to at least sparingly fill this antique cabinet, they will reside on top.

I do have a few requirements for my new collection.

-  Must be a green or green blue color
-  Must be interesting to me
- Must be reasonably priced (under $50)

Again, here is my inspiration....

Here are a few I found on ebay that I would love to add to the collection.
However, the hunt is the most fun for me.  
So clicking "Buy it Now" on ebay doesn't quite do it for me.
While I am generally a very impatient person, 
I am committed to taking my sweet little time amassing this collection.


  1. Your off to a good start Andrea! I love the one up front!

  2. I love the thrill of the hunt too Andrea. It's what makes thrifting and antiquing so much fun. I'll keep my eye out for you.

  3. so pretty! what a great choice for a collection- it will add some nice color!

  4. very pretty. love that color green.

  5. Soon, you'll be finding green pieces everywhere you look! It's amazing what starting a collection can do - before you now it, you'll be calling hoarders!

  6. I agree that buying on ebay or anywhere online takes the fun of the hunt out for stuff like this. Some things I will buy online but some things I just want to find when I'm out and about sometime!!

  7. Love the inspiration and I would say you have a wonderful start :)


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