Remember the deal of the century I got on this Baldwin piano last year? 
No, let me refresh your memory.
I walked into a local thrift store, eyed this pristine piano sitting there without a price tag on it. 
I politely asked the sales clerk how much and she responded $85, but I think we can take $75.
I then proceeded to do a little happy dance in the middle of the store as I paid for the piano.

My two oldest children started taking piano lessons last September.  
It started off a little rocky, especially for my son. 
You see, he likes to play football and baseball and ride his bike and play with his friends.
The little 30 minute piano lesson was getting in the way of his social life. 
Let's just say that I wasn't giving up easily.
After this precious, strong willed, middle child of mine realized he was fighting a losing battle, 
he changed his tune, literally.
He began to embrace his musical talent.
I now have to ask him to stop practicing at times.
He will play the piano at 7:00 a.m. and he will play the piano at 10:00 p.m.

Listening to him play truly is music to my ears.

I don't have a musical bone in my body and I am so thankful that 
he has taken an interest in playing the piano.
I told him recently that when he is accepting his first grammy, the first words out of his mouth better be,
"I would like to thank my mother for forcing me to take piano lessons."
I will be sitting in the audience, beaming with pride, tears streaming down my face, whispering quietly, "I told you so".

Now my daughter, on the other hand, 
doesn't currently share her brother's enthusiasm for the instrument.
Her piano playing days may be numbered. 
You have got to pick your battles, right.


  1. i wish we had space for a piano because i think emmy would love it- both of my kids love music, love to dance, and both are actually decent singers. good for him!

  2. I miss the days of piano lessons at my house. I have a 2nd hand piano in my living room that is rarely played anymore. To my delight, during the cross country pot luck last Friday, one of the kids played away! The beauty of the lessons for my kids was that it fostered a love of music which each has pursued in a different way, from playing the tuba or the drums in band or singing in the choir. Your daughter will surely find what she loves by way of this introduction!

  3. Just look at that happy face! When he's older I bet he melts some girl's heart by playing the piano for her and flashing that smile :)

  4. How adorable is your son. It is always so interesting to discover children's talents. I hope he keeps on playing.


  5. Your story is a page out of my book.


  6. Oh that looks SO familiar - and I know JUST how he feels sitting there. I've been taking piano lessons myself for about 5 weeks now. So happy to finally be learning to play - my girls love it that they are better than me. I tell them to just wait - I will catch up!

  7. He certainly looks like he's got it. That's wonderful. And I hope he does get that Grammy one day too. My daughter has the singing talent - I'm amazed that she never misses a beat. Hopefully she will enjoy singing in a choir of some sorts when she gets older.


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