Fall is, by far, my favorite season of the year.  
While Halloween doesn't necessarily get me too excited, 
everything about Fall makes me a little giddy. 

I had fun decking out the front porch this year with the colors of Fall. 

I picked up several cinderella pumpkins around town. 

I seem to have a hard time keeping mums alive for very long, so I just bought one this year to kill. 

I filled a lantern with some hedge apples that I picked up on the side of the road.

My sedum plants are still hanging on, despite the efforts of my little guy to put them out of their misery.

I bought this large white pumpkin at the pumpkin patch.

After seeing our poor concrete steps in these close-up pictures, 
I think we will need to add this project to "The List". 
I do like the way the Fall decor helps to hide the imperfections. 

 Do you like to decorate for Fall or do you have spider webs and witches hanging from your house?

P.S.  Our youngest had a birthday party over the weekend.  
Picture 9 six year old boys in my house.
Yep, I'm still recovering. 
It was a ton of fun and I have some pictures to share soon.


  1. 9 six year old boys.... You need me to send over some Vodka this morning? Love the porch. Those pumpkins are my fav. My husband was thrilled when I didn't get them this year since they can be so darn expensive. I'm going to have to do the hedge apples in the lanterns, looks great!

  2. i love the variety of pumpkins mixed with the fresh green color!

  3. Ha - Shelley's comment cracked me up! That's a lot of 6 yr olds! Do you make another awesome cake?

    Love your front entry - the mix of pumpkins looks great. I kill all my mums too - glad to hear I'm not alone!

  4. That should say - did you make another awesome cake? It's definitely a Monday. ;)

  5. NINE 6 year-old boys?! Yikes! Please tell me it wasn't a sleepover...

    I'm definitely more of a "fall" decorator vs. a "Halloween" one. Fall decorating will carry me through Thanksgiving, so I'm all about getting the most bang for my buck. ;-)

  6. Very pretty! I love the lantern filled with hedge apples! I like decorating for fall. The hubby adds some fun Halloween decor the day before Halloween for our kids and all the trick-or-treaters. With hurricane Sandy ready to hit I don't think we'll be having Halloween this year!

  7. I love those hedge apples, I have never seen them in our area. You have a lot of cool pumpkins, I didn't go to a lot od places so I mostly got the little baby boos.

    I don't decorate for Halloween anymore since my kids are bigger, but I LOVE to decorate for fall! It's so "earthy!" lol!

    Sounds like it was a fun party! ;-D


  8. Fall is a fun time to decorate outdoors. Unfortunately we had to bring everything inside with Sandy en route to our area. My mums hung on for a while, and I'm going to try to plant them to see if they come back next year. Your front porch looks great - the color pops in the flowers and pumpkins looks really nice.

  9. Your porch is lovely - even with old concrete:) We have concrete that is in sad shape - makes yours look brand new!


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