Since my good friend, Carmel, is part of the Pinterest Challenge this time around, 
I decided I would give it a shot.
I am a big pinner (you can follow me on Pinterest here), but like so many others, I pin and forget. 
My youngest child had a birthday party over the weekend and 
since he is a big fan of fishing, we decided to make it a fishing party. 

I saw these cake ball bobbers on Pinterest 
and thought they would be perfect treats for the little party guests. 

This was my inspiration.
Notice how much these cake balls resemble real bobbers. 

And then there are my cake balls bobbers. 
Okay, I admit it, not quite pinworthy, but at least they were edible. 
Well, there was that one little boy who asked me where the trash can was. 
I said, "Oh, you don't like them?"
His reply, "No, they're disgusting!"
Wow, not quite round - slightly lumpy - upside down, maybe, but disgusting.
That was harsh!

Oh, and as I sit here typing this, my husband pointed out that my bobbers are upside down.  
The little red topper goes on the white half. Oops! 
Remember folks, it was a birthday party for a six year old. 
I added some crumbled up brownies for dirt and a few gummy worms.

I got the boys all sugared up and then sent them home with even more sugar. 
I'm sure their parents were thanking me that evening.

And just to keep it real, here are a few of the rejects. 
They tasted the same, just not quite as "perfect" as the others.
I use the word "perfect" lightly here. 

I love to bake, but my creations never turn out quite like I envision them.
I think I'll leave accomplished pastry chef off of my resume.

How about you, are you a pinner or a doer, or ever better, both?

More birthday party details coming later this week.  


  1. Well, I like yours better and not just because we're friends ;) They look more realistic with the regular gummy worms than the sugared ones. You are the best mom! Kids appreciate effort over perfection and what kid thinks sugar is disgusting?! He should be deleted from the invite list - ha!

  2. Good for you for giving them a try. Things that I actually "make" from Pinterest are always food related and I've gotten some good stuff from there. Maybe I'll do a post someday about them. I agree with Carmel - it's the effort that counts and you gave it your all.

  3. one of my favorite posts...you tried!!!! if we lived in the same town, i know we would be friends!!!!


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