I recently made a few changes to the foyer.  I have never been quite satisfied with this space, until now.
I picked up this tiny vintage school chair at Goodwill for $3.00.  
I thought it might be a good "cooling off" or "time out" spot for my little guy.  

I pulled the "BELIEVE" pillow out from our Christmas decorations
and I borrowed the basket from the family room and added some pillows. 

On the opposite wall, I added a painting I purchased at the Burlington Antique Show in August. 

I loved the colors in the painting and the simple black frame.

This little old foyer has gone through quite a few changes the past three years. 
Before we bought the house, it looked like this....

Shortly after we moved in, it looked like this....

A short time later, it looked like this....

And then this.....

And now this......
Ahhhh, I'm feeling much better about the space now. 

Are you constantly tweaking rooms in your home too?

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  1. yes! i love the changes so much and that chair is perfect there! welcome indeed!

  2. Yes! and I love when the changes don't cost anything !

  3. Tweaking goes on here all the time Andrea! Sometimes little tweaks and sometimes big ones LOL! Your foyer looks great!

  4. Your foyer is so beautiful! What an adorable chair. I love the light fixture, rug and mirror. It's all so well put together!

  5. It looks great, Andrea! Totally pulled together and welcoming!

  6. I'm ALWAYS tweaking rooms! It's the best part. I think you posted about your new rug awhile back... but I really like it there. It really lightens the space and it's fun!

  7. Girl you know I'm always tweaking - that's what us bloggers do best ;) I love that painting - so pretty!

  8. Yes, I have serious tweaking issues but isn't that half the fun?!

  9. Tweaking is what I live for! It is the purpose behind my blog (in part). Love it!

  10. I wouldn't have anything to blog about if not for tweaking! :) This is so timely my post for tomorrow is 'chairs in the entry.' I'll send them over to see your cute steal, it looks perfect! :)

  11. Love seeing how it has changed. What a great little chair too! I always want to tweak more than I actually do. I should post more on the tweaks because I always enjoy yours :)

  12. Yep, that's why we bloggers do what we do and it always baffles me to see people leave things for years without changing it up..
    I came over via Simple Details & really enjoyed seeing the changes over the years.. Just became a follower:)

  13. I'd love to know more about the bicycle art/photo? above the new schoolhouse chair. That's really neat. And you've got the vision girl - your house is beautiful and you've done so much to make it your own. That's exactly what I'm looking for in our next house, but I don't think my hubs wants to do that much work - I told him it's all going to be a work in progress (I can win this one right?). I also love that cabinet in your entry too. Great look Andrea!

  14. Love the looks of the foyer over time....I love the schoolhouse chair...I have one very similar but it is all metal...Love your home!!

  15. Your transformation is wonderful! I love that little guy's chair and pillow. Yeah, we have the bug over here, too. Nothing is in it's permanent spot...EVER!

  16. i LOVE it...that picture is awesome and j'adore the red rug you had and the one you have now too ;)
    i am just about to start the tweaking...i've got to sit with it for a bit to see if i like it - soooo new curtains in our room are up next....and i STILL haven't picked the damn couch/chair fabric! lawrdy!

  17. amazing how the simplest changes can make the biggest difference. Love it.

  18. I love your look and that chair is just darling there! I love those little chairs - unfortunately my little girls aren't little enough anymore for them!

  19. I love the changes, and the rug too!

  20. Really impressed! Everything is very, very clear, open is a description of the problem. It contains the information.

  21. "Constantly tweaking" could be my middle name :). I really like your foyer now and love that believe pillow! Thanks for joining the party!



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